State operators: addiction rates

State operators - addiction rates

Everyone is aware of the fact that casino always remains the winner in the case of gambling. This happens due to the fact the state gambling institutions are able to restrain their ardor, although often rely on troublesome players. We showed this while using Canada as an example.

From 15 to 50% of gambling profits come from dependent players, according to the research. But the authorities claim they are promoting a responsible gambling initiative. But whether that’s true?

Let’s look through the current issue while using Canada as an example. The local residents spent about $12 billion for legal gambling activities, controlled by the state in 2018. Approximately the same amount is spent for illegal gambling sites.

Advertisements actively promote a funny way of playing OLG Canadian state gambling company slots. Joffrey Airy, a Canadian, will not believe in this due to suffering from gambling addiction, like hundreds of his compatriots. Airy owes usurers, bookmakers and relatives about two million dollars totally.

All started harmlessly enough. Joe’s childhood can be described in four words: family, church, school and sport. He played cards only with his family during Christmas. But both Joe and bets rates were growing together. Later he used to play every day, which was encouraged by casinos which sent promotional offers and coupons, involving him to come back again.

Electronic slot machines, such as slots or video poker, are real Joe’s weakness. They provide 88% of the gambling institutions’ profits. The current machines success is determined by profit amount as well as game duration.

Gambling addiction

Waterloo university’s researchers explained that slot machine coefficients can be quite good – 1 to 2 or 1 to 3. However, here is one important feature. The expert said that in fact, about half of these winnings are actually losses.

“For example, you bet 20 cents and win 8 cents. I.e. in fact you lose 12 cents. But bright lights and solemn sounds create a false winning feeling”. The expert mentioned one gambler’s phrase: “if I continue winning, I will definitely go bankrupt soon”.

Joe Airy realized he was beyond the limits. Therefore, he decided to prohibit himself to enter gambling institutions. The current program is called «self-exclusion» while being valid throughout Canada. For example, gambling institutions in Ontario have been equipped with a facial recognition system for the current purpose. But whether the current program is effective?

It turned out during the research that approximately 8-12% of the players have certain issues.

People, suffering from game addiction, are not beneficial for gaming companies and institutions, according to OLG executive director. They need people, able continue playing forever. Therefore, casions provide their players with «casino nanny» – an option to limit both time and money amount to for playing, according to CEO.

However, the issue is to decide yourself whether to choose the current option or ignore.

OLG state gambling company spends about $50 million per year for troublesome players, namely research, information and treatment. Joe took the current program benefit and received the psychologist’s consultation. Besides he signed an agreement with OLG on a voluntary prohibit for him to enter all company’s gambling institutions. This is self-exclusion program. However, no one prevented him from playing the slot machines, according to Joe.

Online gambling addiction

However, previously OLG executive director said that a casino’s employee quietly approaches a self-excluded player, tell with him and then take him out of the gambling institution.

One TV program journalist decided to test the current system himself instead of trusting CEO. He added himself to the -excluded players list. OLG representatives took a photo and collected all the required personal data. The journalist went on a mission a week later, he decided to enter OLG casino, start playing and find out if the innovative cameras really identify him. The first, second, third and even fourth attempts showed that neither the guards, nor the cameras, nor the casino staff prevented him from playing. The journalist played, spent money and left at his own discretion.

However, OLG director claimed that facial recognition system is still being improved despite the experiment’s video record. Therefore, there are certain examples when cameras failed to record self-excluded players.

It sounds quite natural, but there is still one feature. You have a chance to enter gambling institution even while being in the self-exclusion players list. You have a chance to play as much as you wish. However, you will be asked to leave the institution, therefore, you will not be able to win even if you are lucky enough to win a large money amount. OLG strictly follows the current policy.

There is a well-known fact that OLG settled 18 lawsuits on the current issue through bribery. The company spent $333 million for marketing and advertising in 2018, encouraging players to come more often for a long time.

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