African gambling market: user involvement manual

African gambling market

African gambling market, despite multiple legislative disadvantages and the lack of proper infrastructure, is developing rapidly. Read about the way the operator can take its place on the continent’s gambling market and attract its user.


Avoid forgetting that new markets are an additional opportunity for a gambling operator to implement its potential despite the fact the leading role belongs to European continent regarding the gambling trends formation. African continent has got both a different development history from European one, as well as a lot of cultural features, affecting user preferences.

The experts agreed that Africans should focus on certain issues resolving, at the beginning of 2019. The key in this regard is the lack of an effective infrastructure for the market work and development. The current issue affects a lot of others, including telecommunications, banking, the lack of effective customer verification mechanisms, and much more.

Full gambling market potential in Africa will not be implemented soon, given the lack of legal field and control, provided by multiple states, but it should not be deemed that it does not exist at all.


Africa’s gaming market: statistics

African gambling market statictics

Gambling market’s GGR in Africa is estimated at $996.2 million in 2019. The current figure will increase to $ 2 billion by 2024, according to analysts’ conservative estimates. Exactly half of the inhabitants of the Republic of South Africa take part in gambling or place bets on sports.

83.6% of the continent is the legal online gambling market. The remote gaming industry is not regulated by law in 20% of African jurisdictions.

The betting segment amounts for 35.8% of the total gambling market. Another 41.9% is intended to online casinos.

The largest online gambling market is South Africa – the expected GGR industry in 2025 is estimated at $ 2.5 billion. Uganda’s treasury will be replenished this year by $ 12 million.

Kenyan gambling market turnover could reach $ 50 million, according to preliminary data. Currently GGR industry indicator in the country is projected at $ 29 million.


The transition from ground to online gambling

African online market can be a goldmine for operators, but first you need to find out the way to involve visitors to land gambling institutions or sports betting reception centers to online entertainment.

African online gambling market

This requires the attention to be paid to such trends:

  • Most of the Internet traffic from Africa’s leading remote markets is got from mobile devices;
  • The Internet use on the continent over the past few years has been scaled by 20%;
  • The South African government reports that 50% of the population is inclined to respond positively to services. provided via mobile communication channels;
  • South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are deemed the fastest growing countries in the region, followed by Uganda and Tanzania.


Monastery and charter

Entering a new gambling market, the operator needs to be aware of the cultural features it will face with. User preferences may vary significantly. Therefore, the most important is to determine the most popular games or sports in a particular region.

It is quite important to study the public’s preferences, as well as the way to interact. Especially when it comes to sports betting. Here it may turn out to be important residents’ interest in local teams or world championships.

The most popular sport in Africa is football. Therefore, when creating a mobile betting app, the operator must think it through so that betting on football matches is at the project heart.


Users involvement manual

First rule

Online gambling or betting app should be accessible for download. In addition, it should integrate with the most popular types of smartphone platforms. In other words, dealing with an application with minimal instructions should be easy even for a novice.

African gambling users involvement manual

Second rule

All actions, as well as the location of the buttons, should be organized in such a way that the user has an intuitive control, from the moment the app is launched. The app should direct the client to the section, which the bets are made in, bypassing everything that may distract or complicate the process. The operator needs to think out algorithms, which will make daily activities easier.

Third rule

As a rule, operators are interested in simplifying the process of depositing funds, but do not forget that in the user’s interests consist of both cash deposit and withdrawal. In addition, if the client was able to quickly get the winning the first time, this gives a favorable psychological climate and arouses the user’s trust and promotes a return visit.


Rule Four, or User Interaction Optimization Mechanisms

There are three main mechanisms, while using which you may optimize the interaction between the client and the operator:


The operator needs to provide the client with the opportunity to follow exactly those sports, teams or athletes that he really likes.

Social sharing

Sports betting is becoming an increasingly socially acceptable activity. Therefore, the customers will definitely wish to discuss a resounding victory or an unfortunate defeat in the circle of like-minded people, or just share what happened. The operator may realize this public need by introducing social networks elements into the app.


People need communication, especially those, sharing interests. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to create a chat in the app.

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