American Roulette – game rules

American roulette game rules

The judgment relatively to the roulette being a monotonous game, is quite subjective. Today we’ll tell you about «American Roulette» modern roulette popular type’s features.


The croupier sends the ball to the spinning wheel, where 38 numbers are printed, when the game starts. The gameplay goal is to guess which of the 38 numbers the ball will hit to.


American roulette wheel

The wheel is divided into 38 equal sectors (slots), numbered from 0, 00, 1 to 36 inclusive. The standard game wheel has the numbers in random or random order. The numbers are placed such a way to achieve the required balance between large (in the range 18-36) and small (from 1 to 18) numbers, as well as even, odd numbers and numbers in red, black.

American roulette wheel

The wheel features are the following:

  • Red and black numbers alternation;
  • Following two even numbers after two odd ones;
  • Each odd number is opposite the even number following it;
  • All red numbers are placed opposite the black ones;
  • Most of the numbers are a pair and there is another number between them. The total pair amount is 37 or 39.

Zero and double zero are colored in green. The remaining 36 numbers have red and black colors. The numbers are shown on the inner wheel circumference.


Game table

The playing field look like European roulette, but provides an additional field for 00. The participant is entitled to bet on:

  • Certain number;
  • Numbers combination;
  • Even or odd, red or black.

American roulette game table

The payment and expectation amount will depend on the bets selected.

American roulette is held at the table where the wheel is located, as well as the playing field with digital signs on it. The standard field consists of:

  • Indoor field. Contains all the numbers, indicated on the wheel. Each three successive digits create a circle, vertical lines – three columns of 12 digits each.
  • External field. Special fields on the playing field’s sides, used for external bets. Each field corresponds to either specific numbers, for example, the first dozen, or some numbers properties, for example, black numbers.

There are certain differences between American and European roulettes, including:

  • American Roulette has got an auxiliary field for 00;
  • Rather often all numbers except for zeros are painted in a specific color in American roulette;
  • European roulette is characterized by the fact that all numbers are painted white;
  • European gaming tables have a «track» for oral bets placement.


Ability to change

Some casinos offer players to use change. So, if a participant falls 0 or 00, then he does not lose his bet on equal chances (red/black, even/odd, small/large), but loses just 50%. The game process according to the current rules provide the casino with a superiority of 2.63%, and usually this figure is 5.26%.

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