Answers to the most popular gambling questions

Most popular gambling questions

Everyone has got own approach to gambling. Someone hopes for success, while others are looking for strategies and ways to achieve success on their own. Therefore, here arise multiple questions and the most common of them are answered in the current article.


How much do blackjack dealers earn?

Blackjack dealers’ annual salary in 2015 was $ 15 on average in Las Vegas. This amount is not so much, but note the dealers are provided with tips.

The current income can’t be called constant. Some gambling institutions’ policy implies all tips to be collected in one total amount as well as distributed evenly among all shift-based employees. This is great for dealers, whose tips amounts are small, but not very nice for those, who are managed to get large money amount from customers in gratitude.


Whether card counting is really illegal?

Card counting is not an illegal strategy. Therefore, most casinos are not very worried about this practice. All this happens because self-taught amateurs tend to count cards themselves, which is quite dangerous and finally, they will leave their money on the gambling table.

But it’s worth mentioning the casino’s employees ask the player to leave their institution if such a player still manages to win a huge amount due to the cards counting technique. This is the gambling institution’s right. Some of the most successful gamblers, who tend to use the strategy, had to disguise themselves for years in order to enter casinos.


Whether it’s legal to play in an online casino?

The online games legality depends on your location. Some countries prohibit such activities while other states leave delegate such decision making to the government.

For example, the law on illegal online gambling does not mean that gambling is illegal in the USA. Its main idea is to prohibit financial institutions, such as banks, to accept offshore gambling-related transactions.

Legality of online casinos

How to win at slot machines?

Of course, we could answer such question the following way: “Get the correct characters sequence per spin”. Continue reading if such answer doesn’t suit you.

There is no proven system of the way to win in slot machines, so this is impossible on an ongoing basis. The main reason is the random number generator, which guarantees that all spins are independent of each other.

Besides you should note the gambling institution benefit, since even the most generous will give it to the casino slot in the long term. There is certain reason the slot machines are deemed the biggest profits generators for a gambling institution and this would not be possible, if someone knew the way to regularly win them.


Whether it is possible win in casino?

The winners’ share in gambling institutions is about 30%, according to statistics. The lucky ones usually make the minimum modest bets amount and leave casinos immediately once managed to win. The longer you play, the higher the likelihood you will lose.


Why is it prohibited to use a mobile phone in a casino?

In fact, you may use a mobile phone in most gambling institutions. Casinos realized that prohibiting the current devices will scare away many customers due to the fact people became dependent on continuous communication via smartphones.

Mobile phone in a casino

Sometimes the players may be asked to leave the table while talking by phone. But this is more a matter of politeness than rules. However, gambling institutions were worried that mobile devices were used by players teams, who were involved in card counting, some time ago. Therefore, there were some cases, when devices were seized, if the administration warning was ignored.


Why wall clock is absent in gambling institutions?

The answer is quite simple: to prevent the customers to keep track of time. If a player has got an opportunity to sometimes keep track of the time, he night realize he plays too long and it’s time to stop! Otherwise, they will continue playing for several hours more.

The current tactic has been working great for decades, but the cell phones emergence has spoiled the strategy a bit. Currently almost everyone may learn the time. Nevertheless, the current fact doesn’t significantly influence casino’s profit as a whole.


How may I get “bonuses” in casino?

There is just one universal way to get something from a casino – to spend money in it. The casino will make every effort to make you a regular customer once it realizes your value.

Getting a club card is the best way to get bonuses. They are provided free of charge in all major gambling institutions since they help casinos to keep track of own expenses. You will be offered to get free shows, hotel rooms and much more, once casino will realize you regularly replenishing its wallet.


Dice control theory – is this true?

The current theory has been gaining momentum since the 21th century start, although the current strategy effectiveness is still in doubt. The theory proponents list includes such gaming experts as Stanford Wong and Chris Poliki, while most industry representatives are skeptical about the current approach.

Dice control theory

It was demonstrated that the cube may be controlled, if it is correctly grabbed and rolled to achieve it to smoothly touch the game table. This contributes the cube to remain within the same angle, which significantly reduces the randomness effect.

However, this requires lengthy practice, especially given that dice players may use just one hand for a throw. Casinos are familiar with the current approach, so anyone, revealed of playing good a dice game, may be asked to immediately leave the gambling institution (as well as those, who like to count cards).


What is the largest casino in the world?

WinStar World Casino facility in Tuckerville, Oklahoma, was deemed the largest casino worldwide for a short time. The gambling institution area is 48216 square meters. But this is in the past. Chinese Venetian Macao managed to overtake American casino.

The massive complex boasts a casino area of ​​51096 square meters. In addition, the building itself is one of the seven largest buildings in the world. The gaming zone is divided into sections – Golden Fish and Red Dragon. The casino has got both 800 gambling tables and over 3000 slot machines.


Who creates new casino games?

The only requirement while creating new game is the idea novelty and a powerful desire to achieve success. You may easily create a new addition for the gambling world in case of possessing the current qualities.

For example, let’s take three card poker. Derek Webb created it in 1994. From the very beginning he proposed his game to gambling institution in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but failed. However, he received an interesting offer from the Grand Casino Gulfport casino hotel a bit later and his three-card poker has become highly popular. It has become gambling institutions’ integral part in the USA and Great Britain.


Does the doubling bets system work when losing?

The current system idea is as follows: it is required to double the bet amount for each subsequent loss. Thus, the gain should both cover all previous losses as well as bring profit.

Doubling bets system

Theoretically, a player with unlimited resources can make this system work. Unfortunately, none person has got inexhaustible financial reserves, which means that this system will definitely fil. Although it may be successful in the short term, both the independent results combination and the gambling house benefit will inevitably result in money lose by the player much faster, than he may recover the loss.

There is the opposite action principle system: it is required to double the bet amount after each win instead of losing. The current system is equally useless, as you might have guessed.



Questions of interest to casino lovers can range from reasonable and logical to completely absurd. It is worth remembering that going to a gambling establishment without enough information can be dangerous, especially when it comes to your bank account.

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