Best strategies for betting on virtual sports

Best strategies for betting on virtual sports

Betting on virtual sports is a fast-growing market in today’s world. Punters are spoilt for choice, thanks to the number of sports disciplines available to them. However, the betting strategies used here are extremely different compared to the ones used while betting on real sports. Here’s a list of useful tips and tricks that will teach how you can achieve success at betting on virtual sports.


Virtual sports betting strategy

Firstly, please note that the outcome of an event in a virtual sport is determined by RNGs or random number generators. Therefore, statistics do not matter here at all. The performance of the athletes during previous events holds no weight either. As a result, virtual sports betting is a better choice for people who are casual bettors with no specific inclination for betting.

Gamblers who enjoy conducting research and analysis of their teams & opponents and like to study past games to predict outcomes using information and logic may be at a disadvantage here. Here are 3 useful tips you can use while betting on sports.


Analyze the game’s odds

Although virtual sports have completely random outcomes, you can still utilize one betting strategy, which is to bet after considering the odds provided to you.

For instance, when it comes to virtual horse racing, you can gain better odds on some horses compared to others, which recreates the same environment of a real horse racing match since different horses come with different strengths & weaknesses. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze the odds & come up with a strategy based on them. To increase your odds of winning, target short-priced horses and forgo long shots completely. But punters should always keep in mind that there is no single strategy that guarantees success.


Back several players or selections

Virtual sports betting

Some punters prefer to back multiple selections during a race, which is a profitable move to make in virtual sports. However, it is important that the participant count remains low. For example, there are 6 participants when it comes to greyhound racing whereas horse racing can involve as many as 15 participants. As the number grows, punters who back 2 selections may lose both due to lower chances of winning.


Be Responsible while placing your bets

There’s a cardinal rule in virtual sports – Wager only small amounts since the games are always unpredictable, which will ensure that punters don’t take on substantial losses. Don’t chase losses either since it is impossible to predict the winner no matter how dedicated you are in your analysis. Most betting experts recommend players to approach virtual sports the same way they approach slot playing.

Virtual sports have no strategies that are guaranteed to work. Therefore, it is best to be laid back while placing bets on virtual sports and simply relish the experience, instead of going all-in.

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