Casino’s chips origin and the reason to be used

Casinos chips origin and the reason to be used

Casino’s chips are one of the greatest gambling industry’s inventions. The current invention greatly simplified the calculation process in gambling houses. They chips have been still actively used in card board games, including in poker.


Casino’s chips concept

In fact, casino’s chip is a conventional disk-shaped currency. I.e. this is a great alternative to real money, but more compact and practical while being used. Each one has various color, depending on its value.


Emergence history

Gambling emerged a long time ago, while being popular at all times. It is quite complicated to find out the exact chips invention date. It’s a common fact, the first ones had a completely different composition, while being made of another materials.

Famous modern chip version emerged in the 19th century start, when the board card games were highly popular (especially in poker). The gambling users’ interest level in the current intellectual card game has steadily increased. Therefore, the most convenient and practical method was required in order to calculate the players’ winnings and losses. It was extremely important to create unified chips when the gamblers didn’t have the same monetary currency (various precious metals, ingots, and valuable things were bet in the gold rush period).

The players’ precaution, who didn’t wish to bring large money amounts to the casino, became one of the important poker chips emergence reasons. The players were afraid of the tipsy cutthroat, while sitting at the table together with them, when the appropriate security system was absent. Thus, the chips were invented due to such risks in order to ensure a safe game for the visitors.


First casino’s chips

Such increased demand for plastic, as the one actual for today, was absent when the chips appeared first. The alternative options in the natural materials form, including stones, wood and bones, have been used for their creation.


19th century start

The large clay chips were extremely popular during the gambling business thriving period. Later poker players started to use thick paper and even ivory in order to create them. Their variety was equivalent, for example, to the coins number in various world’s countries at that time.

Ceramic chips have become a real discovery for all thrills fans. The most prestigious companies, available at that time, were engaged in the current product manufacturing for many years. Such ceramics production ceased in 1930.

Casino chips emergency history


The first plastic chips were produced in this decade. They attracted people by their affordable price, great variety, durability and strength, while being made of the current material.

The scammers, engaged in fake chips creation, were acting in the market during the poker’s chips popularizing process. That’s why the developers introduced the first security elements into them, including special engraving and embossing.

Crest & Seal are poker chips, which have long held a leading position in the gambling market. While being developed by U.S. Playing Card co. famous company, they have been released till 1985 – till plastic chips emergence on the market. The main Crest & Seal distinguishing feature was round lithography, equipped with clay edging. Besides poker chips had a unique coating, which resembled a classic glossy varnish.


Casino’s chip values ​​by colors

Products values in both land-based and virtual casinos are indicated by a certain color – this is the world standard in the gambling business.

“How much does a chip cost?” – is one of the most common questions among novice gamblers. Please look through the international chips range in gambling institutions:


The highest-value chip, which amount reaches $10000000, is used in «Aladdin» – one of the most prestigious Las Vegas’ casinos in USA.

Casino's chips values by colors

The reasons to be used

The similar system is aimed at both work and interaction simplifying in the gambling community. This applies to both the gambling institution staff and its direct customers as well.

It is a common practice when casino’s tables have the same color as the chip. This is done in order to show gamblers the minimum bet limit at particular table. The current decision provides the experienced players with the clear understanding whether to approach a particular table.

A well-thought-out color scheme helps dealers, cashiers, maintenance staff and the security service to monitor the visitors’ rates through the cameras, located around the halls perimeter.

Currently gambling users tend to more often choose online game, which implies the special fiat money substitutes absence. But there are still lots of professionals, who will never miss the opportunity to take a clay chip in order to throw it in the middle of the table.

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