The most popular superstitions, typical for casinos and gambling

Gambling and casinos superstitions

All gambling types are related to luck in certain degree. Most players will do a lot to get the fortune. Some players tend to openly speak about superstitions, while others never recognize the supernatural powers influence on them. However, it is worth mentioning that a significant gamblers percentage are superstitious in certain degree.


Prejudice is typical for casino players, probably due to the fact, that luck plays a more important role in casino games, than in any other gambling forms. And even if it’s difficult to logically explain that something completely unrelated to the game itself may have any influence on the player’s luck, many still believe in signs.


Lucky/unlucky numbers

Number «13» is deemed an unlucky one in both gambling and life in general. This fact is confirmed by several examples, namely: Friday the 13th is deemed the unluckiest day. Indeed, the fear of the number «13» is a universally recognized phobia (triskaidekaphobia).

The casino’s players will avoid all at least somehow connected with the number «13». So, it’s possible to conclude the number «13» would be the one to bet the least on. The gambling institutions are well aware of the current superstition, that’s why the number «13» is often missed when numbering floors in large casinos: the 14th floor immediately follows after the 12th one.

It’s worth mentioning lots of players tend to believe that number 7 contributes to good luck. Probably a significant slot machines number award the jackpot for 7 consecutive symbols on the game line for this reason.

Be sure to note that the «happy» and «unhappy» figures very in different cultures: a lucky number in one culture may be deemed unlucky in another one and vice versa.

Lucky and unlucky numbers in casino

Lucky/unlucky colors

The colors are often deemed a sign of luck or bad luck. Black color is deemed an unlucky color, probably due to its association with death, according to multiple players, while red color is often perceived as the color of fortune, especially in Chinese culture. Lots of Chinese gamblers put on red clothes while going to visit gambling institutions.



Lots of gamblers have got their own personal talisman, which brings them good luck, according to their opinion. There are lots of talismans types. The rabbit’s foot, horseshoe and four-leaf clover are the most popular ones. So, most casino players have got «happy» clothes they tend to put on while visiting gambling institutions. Besides sometimes they visit casinos together with their lucky companion.


Physical activities

It is quite common for gamblers to perform certain rituals, which always contribute to good luck. Most often, the rituals list includes certain physical actions before the cards distribution, the roulette spin or a game of dice. Here is the most popular activities list:

  • cross fingers;
  • blow on bones;
  • stack chips in a certain way;
  • knock on wood;
  • say a number/card out loud;
  • kiss a companion.
Physical activities in casino

Money/chips counting

The following common superstition idea is to never count own money or chips during a game. The current method is actively used in poker, as well as casino games. This superstition origin is not clear, but its existence is confirmed by «The Gambler» famous song by Kenny Rogers. And here is a line from the composition:

“You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table. There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done”.

Front door

This is a bit obscure superstition, but nevertheless rather popular. Some players tend to believe that entering the casino from the front door is a bad omen, since the bad luck of those, leaving the institution (who are supposedly lost), may spread to other ones.

The current superstition is related to a negative attitude to MGM Grand entrance design, especially among Chinese gamblers. It was a huge lion’s mouth. It seemed that you were being eaten alive. Fortunately the design was changed in 1998 for those, who did not like it.


50-dollar bill

50 dollar bill in casino

Another weird superstition is most common among American gamblers, who visit gambling institutions in Las Vegas. A $50-bill is deemed extremely unlucky in a casino, so there have been the times, when players refused from their acceptance as a payment in exchange for chips. The current superstition roots go back to the days, when the mafia run in Las Vegas. Mafiosi tend to put a $ 50-bill into their victim’s jacket, which they buried in the desert later, according to the legend.

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