The way to bet on dog races

The way to bet on dog races

Betting on dog races is so much popular as on hippodrome horse racing despite the fact that dog racing is rather extravagant sport type. Look through the current article to learn the dog racing betting history and features, as well as the unusual competitions rules.


Currently dog racing is an organized, competitive sport in which greyhounds are raced around a track despite many centuries ago it was just a simple competition for a live rabbit or a hare. The competition in the football, boxing and other popular sports field is huge. However, specific sports competition type managed to take its place in the popular world bookmakers’ betting lines.


Dog racing concept

Dog racing is professional sports competition between six beagle dogs, often Greyhound breeds, around an oval track following a mechanical target (usually a hare). Betting on a favorite participant has become possible without the personal bettor presence due to digital technology development and betting companies emergence – it’s enough just to have a computer with the Internet access.


Dog racing betting history

The current quite extravagant sport type, originated in England while largely owing to betting companies development. But the bets emergence origins on the current sport type were pursued by humanistic ideals.

The fact is that huge animals number, especially hounds – a breed bred for hunting, could not satisfy their natural needs due to the hunting prohibit in the United Kingdom. Therefore, British came up with a dog competition in order to compensate the lack of dogs’ physical activity. Initially, the dogs’ goal was to catch a live hare, but then it was replaced by a mechanical one, based on similar humanity principles. Then it was largely scaled while becoming popular in Finland, Hungary, Germany, the United States and other countries.

The current activity fun is similar to horse races bets despite the fact the dog racing bets significantly differ from betting operations, associated with more traditional sports.


Dog racing online betting way

The first sports betting rule is to perceive bets as a real entertainment, able to justify itself financially, but not as an opportunity to get rich. The bets productivity depends on the player’s awareness. Therefore, the player needs a really high awareness of dog racing since the only fortune is not enough.

Dog racing online betting

Each player is required to:

  • learn the dog racing history;
  • analyze the last seven or eight races statistics by participants;
  • determine the physical form of various dogs s well as the way it has changed throughout their participation in competitions;
  • the training types of other racing participants.

The right bookmaker choice is one more important factor, able to help the player to be one step closer to victory. Just a few organizations provide a wide bets range since the current sport type is most often claimed in narrow people circle. Bettor needs to choose a bookmaker, providing a wide interesting offers range. The player will be able to realize the dog racing system operation, predict particular competition result and determine own favorites, given all the tips above mentioned.


Dog racing betting system features

The dog racing is relevant all year round unlike other sports competitions types. Thrills seekers have are provided with a chance to bet on their favorite, regardless of the current date and climatic conditions. Besides the dog racing is a short-term spectacle which lasts no more than 4–10 minutes.


Competition rules

There is used a photo finish in order to honestly sum up since the animal, whose nose crosses the finish line first, becomes the winner. It is worth mentioning that dogs appearance is rather important. Each animal is dressed in either red, blue, white, black, orange or black vet with stripes. The track distance and complexity may vary depending on the races type.


Dog racing classes

Dog racing classes

  • A is the main dog races class, which provides a distance of 380–520 m. It is divided into three subclasses, determined by the average animal speed:
    • Top Class (A1 – A3) – approximately 61 km/h;
    • Middle Class (A4 – A6) – 59–60 km/h;
    • Low Class (A7 – A11) – about 58 km/h.
  • H and HS – dog competitions class, which involves quick races with obstacles for short distances;
  • D – sprint runs on 200–300 m long tracks;
  • IT – sports competition types for different hound dogs;
  • M, S, E – long distance races for greyhounds (from 575 to 1080 m);
  • HP – a specialized class of dog racing, providing a small head start (advantage) for weak greyhounds;
  • OR – illustrative races;
  • P – races class provides sports competitions between young participants;
  • ЕС – the race type, which implies competing for the coach’s victory. Their winnings are determined by the their wards races results;
  • T – test runs for newcomers;
  • A.G.S – traditional dog races, often held during the daytime (much less often evening).

Participation in any gambling type always implies certain risk. Betting operations feature is in the fact that risks can be minimized through preparatory work as well as additional knowledge about competitions, participants and the betting company, which was chosen for betting.

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