Excitement benefits and formation way

Excitement benefits and formation way

Excitement implies a passion to a certain action, as well as possible success expectation. «Excitement» concept is both applicable to casino games as well as manifest itself in business, sports, and even in collecting any items.


It may seem strange to a person, who doesn’t tend to visit gambling institutions, his friend’s behavior, who risks money every time when entering a casino, but gets genuine pleasure from this.

Lots of avid gamblers, even in case of an unsuccessful bet, still continue playing after some time. Mark Griffiths, a psychologist at the University of Nottingham, found out during his work that most people attribute their passion for gambling to the once-won big gain. The motive at second place is the emotions spectrum, which they experience.

There was conducted a research, which main idea was the participant to make a choice, which would result to certain, maybe unexpected result. Finally, the research showed that its subjects experienced a particular joy when they received awards, previously not hoping for it. This is reminiscent of a lottery, when while buying a relatively inexpensive ticket, a participant gets an award without placing high hopes.

It would be correct to single out the regular gamblers, because their main goal is to make a profit or win back for past losses. In such cases, a person tries to calculate a winning combination, controls his bets and realizes when he should stop. You may separately remind those, who care about the emotions, arising within the bet, between the one made and the declared winner and directly as the game result. The gambling manifestation is evident when the gambler lost his money, but still raises bets, that is, he no longer controls emotions, and the rational part has faded into the background. Gambling, naturally, when deviating from the norm, is listed even in the International Diseases Classification.


Excitement functions

Excitement functions

Forces renewal

The visitor’s body experiences huge hormonal changes during playing for money – this is the first thing that carries the excitement biological mechanism. A group of psychologists conducted a research, according to which it was possible to find out that during the gambling two brain parts are activated. One is responsible for making decisions, the other for motivation, as well as for the dopamine development – a neurotransmitter, which brings the player a sense of satisfaction and replenishes strength. The award is much appreciated by many much higher against the backdrop of losses.


Escape from reality

Besides it’s worth mentioning that excitement is able to fulfill the escapism function – the desire to distract from reality. It is quite simple to succumb to the gambling institution atmosphere – the public, friendly service, alcoholic drinks, an eccentric and unusual interior, a banal lack of watches in multiple casinos. A person prone to escapism seeks to isolate from reality in any way possible. This includes workaholism, collecting something, extreme sports in addition to gambling. Rather often people, striving to forget about their issues, tend to visit gambling institutions.


The adrenaline combination with endorphin

Here all is based on the adrenaline release in a particularly critical period. Casino allows to increase adrenaline in case of the rates increase or deciding to stay in few more circles game. In response to the adrenaline production to relieve fear and tension, endorphin is released into the bloodstream, which is compensatory in nature and manifests itself in the mild euphoria form. Thus, a person, plunging into a gambling state, receives benefits in the temporary departure form from reality and hormonal surges.

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