When speed does matter! What is the fastest Dice game provider?

Fastest Dice game provider

You want to play it fast, or how does the speed of rolling dice affect the winnings? What casinos provider the fastest dice speeds? You can find the answers to those questions and more in our research dedicated to finding the speediest of them all.


A little bit about the speed of Dice

If you are reading this article, that means that you like to play dice and so do we. Let’s focus our attention on the specifics of the game. The key factors to any dice game are:

  • The speed the Dice rolls;
  • How your bet size compares to your bankroll;
  • Your individual relationship with risk, also known as risk tolerance.

In this article, we shall be putting our focus on the speed factor of the AutoGame and compare major online casinos that provide you with the opportunity to play dice.

How did we manage do measure the speeds? Well as we’ve mentioned before. we do like to play dice, so we took our hard-earned crypto cash and started betting. What we did exactly? We’d gambled using Bitcoin as our currency, selected the lowest possible bet and played the auto-game exactly for exactly 10 seconds.

But, first things first! Why should we even care about AutoGame speeds? Well, all of us like to earn money playing dice, don’t we? You might be surprised, but the AutoGame speed is probably the most important feature in any dice game and it doesn’t really matter if you are using the Martingale, Fibonacci, Labouchere or any other system. Why?

Let’s imagine you are playing a dice game with 4 dice rolls per 10 seconds and using your betting system you make 5 cash units (or token units). If you increase your speed to 12 dice rolls, your earnings are to be 12/4 times higher. That means your earning will triple during the same game duration!

Now, when you know why the speed factor is so important let’s check out the casinos to see whose dice are as quick as the Flash and whose – as slow as a turtle! We’ve played dice using the standard dice game interface on the website and using the same browser to get the results the majority of players do.


Results per 10 seconds

Here are the results we’ve gathered:

  1. TrustDice.win – 2 rolls;
  2. Crypto-games.net – 5 rolls;
  3. Stake.com – 11 rolls;
  4. Windice.io – 11 rolls;
  5. Cyberdice.net – 13 rolls;
  6. PrimeDice.com – 13 rolls;
  7. Cryptogames.io – 15 rolls;
  8. Bc.game – 20 rolls;
  9. Nanogames.io – 20 rolls;
  10. Bit-exo.com – 32 rolls;
  11. Freebitco.in – 39 rolls;
  12. Games.bitcoin.com – 39 rolls;
  13. BitoinVideoCasino.com – 40 rolls;
  14. FreeDOGE.co.in – 42 rolls;
  15. DuckDice.io – 47 rolls;
  16. Bitsler.com – 49 rolls;
  17. Luckygames.io – 50 rolls;
  18. FortuneJack.com – 51 rolls;
  19. CasinoRoyale.bet – 62 rolls;
  20. BitDice.me – 78 rolls.

Fastest Dice casino


One should not judge a book by its cover, as the AutoDice speeds varied mostly independently from the size of the casinos. With some of the more popular dice game providers like TrustDice.win, PrimeDice.com and CyberDice.net providing just a mere fraction of the speed casinos from our TOP 5. Basically that means that they could not provide as much profit as the speedier ones and that is a factor that should be considered when using these Dice platforms.

The best results in our tests came from Bitsler.com, Luckygames.io, FortuneJack.com, CasinoRoyale.bet with BitDice.me surprisingly being the TOP1 casino for its speed. Although their speeds vary as well, a smart player should also take into consideration the various House Edge values and Bonuses to maximise the profits.

What do you think about the Speeds and the way House Edge and Bonuses can be a game-changer? Share your thoughts on our Forum.

Play smart and stay tuned for even more interesting articles on how to become a Pro!

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