The way to use Fibonacci system in a casino

Fibonacci system in a casino

Rather often mathematics and casino games are closely related. Mathematics affects every life aspect, including gambling.


It’s a well-known fact the casino always wins. Fortunately, there are certain ways to reduce the gambling house benefits percentage, while increasing the player’s winning chances. Lots of players prefer using various betting strategies, allowing them to neutralize the gambling house advantage at least a little and thus accumulate more winnings just by following certain system.

There is a suitable betting strategy for each casino game. Some systems are more versatile while being used in multiple games. Others are less versatile while being used in individual cases only.

However, there are certain aspects to be considered. Betting strategies are not able to guarantee 100% efficiency. They are able to help players to increase their winnings despite their small cons. Any betting system, regardless of its positive or negative progression basis, requires studying the current point in advance and practice in order to be able to use it in real casino games.


Positive and negative progression strategies

Positive and negative progression strategies

Betting strategies can be divided into two main types. One of them is positive progression-based. What does this mean? It’s required to increase the bet amount in case of a win and to lower it in case of a los, if using a positive progression-based system.

I.e. you should slowly raise the bet after each win and lower to the absolute minimum when you lose. The current system type is quite popular, especially in such games as blackjack, craps and roulette variations.

The second betting strategy type is negative progression-based. Here is applied the opposite principle – a player must reduce the bet amount when he wins and increase it when he losses. There is large betting systems number, following the current principle. D’Alembert formula, Martingale strategy, Labusher system and, of course, Fibonacci are the most widely used ones. Now we’ll learn the last one in more detail.


Fibonacci betting system concept and operation way

Fibonacci system concept

Fibonacci strategy, widely used by gambling enthusiasts, is based on Leonardo Bonacci Sequence, developed 900 years ago. It is believed the current famous mathematician’s progression is directly related to all life aspects. Therefore, it is called the «natural progression».

So, Fibonacci system is a cumulative progression, which means that each next figure is equal to two previous ones amount in the sequence of numbers. It always starts from 0 and 1, but zero is lowered when the strategy is applied in gambling. Such sequence is (0,) 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and it may continue indefinitely this way. So, the idea is there will come a moment when the winning amount will pay for all the losses, if a player continuously raises his bets.

It is recommended to use the current strategy with an even bet amount. For example, a player’s bet is ten dollars. The player must raise the bets after each loss in case of using Fibonacci betting strategy. Thus, the bets will look like this: $10, $20, $30, $50, $80, $130, etc. In the event of winning, the player should go back two steps: for example, if he won with $80 bet, then the next bet should be $30.

However, Fibonacci betting strategy effectiveness primarily depends on the bad luck duration. It will be quite difficult to cover all the losses and there is a risk to lose all the money being left without a penny in the game process itself, if the gambler loses too many times in a row.

Fibonacci system advantages

Fibonacci strategy does not guarantee that you will win back absolutely all the amount lost. In most cases, this is impossible. The gambler should return to Fibonacci sequence start and to start again from the first point if the gambler winnings amount increased all the losses one.


Fibonacci betting systems benefits

The system effectiveness largely depends on the gamble to use it for. The current negative progression system may have several benefits despite the bet increase after each successive loss may not seem to be a reasonable decision.

So, the idea is that once Fibonacci system will provide certain benefits except for cases, if you reached the point of no return and do lost the whole your entire bankroll. However, you must «get lucky» with too long losses series to avoid this.

Another system benefit is simple usage way and the ability to easily remember it. You do not need to be a mathematical sciences professor in order to use it properly. So, the ability to add and subtract numbers.


Fibonacci betting system disadvantages

Fibonacci system disadvantages

Note that it’s required to be careful with Fibonacci betting strategy the same as with the most negative progression-based systems. Finally, this is just a mathematical concept which will work perfectly if the player’s funds amount is not limited.

The system will be effective at any stage since the initial formula doesn’t have any deviations. However, it may include rather long losses series «at any stage», during which you raise the bets amount after each failure. So, there is a risk for you to bet all your bankroll if you managed to win (there is a risk to lose all this time).

So, let’s imagine your first bet was $ 10, as in the previous example. So, you have to increase it to $ 20. The third loss amount will be $ 30 and then $ 50 in case of failed third next round. You will have to raise the bet to $ 80 in case of another loss in a row! Thus, the total losses amount for you will be no less than $ 190. This is actual if your failures series lasts just in relation for five bets in a row. Be sure to note there is a chance to lose much larger times number in a row.

Fibonacci system strategy

The main Fibonacci betting strategy disadvantage is its effectiveness. However, unfortunately, the best results are observed in short time periods only. Moreover, Fibonacci system does not aim to cover all the losses, since the gambler goes back two steps in case of winning, in contradistinction to other progressive betting systems, such as Martingale.


Strategy adjustment

The system change can be a good idea if you are not going to lose the entire bankroll. You can adapt the system depending on the amount that you may to bet. You may continue to raise bets even after a long failures series if you have rather big bankroll. But it worth mentioning the current tactic will not suit a player with a limited gambling budget.

Gambling institutions customers, who have won several times in a row, but who have a modest budget for the game, can’t return to the sequence start, but only a couple of steps back.

Besides it worth mentioning the system has got a reverse version. Players may choose something which best suits their financial capabilities.


Fibonacci system is the opposite

Fibonacci system in the opposite

As a rule, most strategies have a reverse version. This means that the bet amount rises after each win in the reverse version, if it is based on a negative progression and the bets increase after each loss. Fibonacci system is not an exception and can also be used in reverse.

The current option is based on the opposite principle – you move forward to one sequence point after each win and you move two points back when you lose. Most players, especially when playing a roulette, are sure the current strategy reverse version has a serious disadvantage since a very long winnings succession is required to make a profit. I.e. the winnings number must exceed the losses number in order to stay in positive territory. Otherwise the system will not work. The reverse version benefits mostly only in the short term like the standard Fibonacci strategy.

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