Gambling among minors

Gambling among minors

Nowadays children tend to gamble. The experts are sure the current issue is too serious and requires more appropriate measures than just quick medical help. Look through the current article to find out its causes, the way to overcome it as well as the way the industry is trying to support the fight off it.


Let’s look through the situation while using UK as an example, where children are massively involved in gambling, according to the Gambling Commission.


Psychological assistance

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will be partially effective. It’s required to strictly control the industry, which is striving to involve young people, according to the experts.

Almost about half a million children in England and Wales gamble on a regular basis. Fifty-five thousand have got serious issues. The suicides level among addicted players is extremely high while the gambling-related issues are a source of stress for both individuals and their families as well. That’s why the National Health Service of England opened the first gambling addiction treatment clinic for children, which provides an individual approach to everyone. This is mainly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Complex individual and social issues, including stress, anxiety and other mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder, may become one of uncontrolled gambling causes. CBT aims to overcome such behavior by destroying traditional beliefs about it. Gamblers are encouraged to set realistic limits for themselves, comply with own financial obligations before spending money for betting as well as consider gambling as an entertainment type rather than a way to earn money.

Gambling psychological assistance

The therapeutic approach is reasonable while being a good starting point. However, this is not enough to resolve some unscrupulous industry representatives’ issue, who are actively striving to involve children. Such gaming companies make the dangerous activities to be the norm while adding betting opportunity to children video games. Deeper mental processes may result in a person to risk either own or family’s finances and other property as well.


Gambling may cause self-harm

Not everyone, engaged in gambling, suffers from certain issues, of course. Gambling covers all including from lottery ticket purchase to betting on own home. Any betting, including both tennis and Tory party’s future leaders as well, may be deemed socially acceptable phenomenon (despite the fact that bets are deemed an unacceptable phenomenon in various religions). The issues arise when gambling starts to either fill an emotional need or protect from psychological suffering.

Currently we can see the same logic which is used while dealing with autoaggression. A feeling of unendurable anxiety can be aimed at causing physical self-harm. So, nameless anxiety may mean cuts or loss.

Child gambling

It is quite hard for children and adolescents to cope with own feelings within difficult life circumstances. Both crying and screaming are supposed to be gradually replaced with calm. However, this is quite complicated process. Adolescence implies the separation process from parents/guardians as well as the transition to independence. The circumstances mentioned above encourage less socially acceptable emotions, including anger, aggression, envy, etc. But the way to deal with them is not always obvious. All that may happen due to certain frustrations at school, at home, with friends and with the remaining world as well.

There is a risk the gambling may become a self-attack type, although the person, being subject to it, will not realize it. This can be a manifestation of anger, panic or frustration directed inward, because this is the only way to overcome them.

It is scary to think, given all of the above mentioned, that there is an industry, which activities are based on the current situation exploitation. Both IT consultants and psychologists are working hard, trying to find out what makes them look away from the screens, while making multiple attempts to keep old and involve new customers. Fortunately, not the whole gaming industry is becoming even more resourceful in both involving and retaining players to ensure own endless financial flow.


Issue resolving

Fortunately, England’s National Health Service (NHS) realizes the issue magnitude. However, the issue of the way to respond to the current situation still remains unresolved. Of course, the place creation in order to listen to people’s issues and help to resolve is a great initiative. However, whether it is possible to cope with the issue without cognitive-behavioral therapy?

Gambling among minors issue resolving

Currently researches haven’t still proved that CBT may be sufficient in such situations, according to London Royal College of Psychiatrists specialists.

This is akin to another classic vicious circle variation. The society provides you with certain pleasure, which may result into a serious symptom. However, there is provided a treatment option later for victims to get rid of the «healing» failed. Children, suffering from gambling addiction, undoubtedly gamble to cope with the awkward age issues. Wise advice will not be enough to cope with the addiction athough today there is a special space for such issues discussion.

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