Gambling advertising: gambling products promotion rules on different markets

Gambling products promotion rules on different markets

The editors have prepared a review and analytical material on the advertising gambling rules on European markets. Read about the gambling advertising features in Latvia, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece and other countries.



Latvia gambling advertising

Latvia prohibits the gambling advertising. However, the norm does not prevent the latter from emergence on the Internet, according to local media. Besides the journalists note, that the state does not impose penalties for such violations. The issue aggravation was caused by the World Cup and the betting advertising prevalence, which happened on last summer. How is this possible? The fact is that the advertising supervision responsibilities are divided between two departments – the Consumer Rights Protection Center and the Electronic Media Supervision Council. The latter organization is an active participant in litigation with local television channels over the gambling ads illegal broadcast. But the Consumer Rights Protection Center’s representatives admit that the gambling advertising direction is not a priority for them.

The gambling regulator’s representatives believe the issue solution is legislative amendments development, which would clearly regulate the permitted and prohibited tools complex. Currently no amendments have been made.



Israeli authorities have systematically replaced gambling outside the state for several years in a row. Several years ago, slot machines and poker were prohibited in the jurisdiction, and bookmaking, in fact, was represented by a sports lottery. Lottery operations are the only legal gambling form. However, the government told about the their abolition several times.

At the same time, local media claim that the more efforts the state makes to limit the gambling business, the more interest citizens show in gambling. Thus, the business shadow segment is growing, which doesn’t follow the advertising law at all.



France gambling advertising

All gambling types are legal in France, including both land-based casinos, which number is over two hundred in the country as well as online segment. One of the latest news is that the state lottery monopoly is going through the denationalization process and will be transferred to the private sector.

It’s worth mentioning that gambling operators are gradually reducing the spending amount for advertising. So, the amount of € 42 million was spent in the first quarter of 2018 and French licensees invested € 50 million in marketing in 2017 for the same period.

Funds reduction, spent by operators for advertising is not imperative or ultimate.



The gambling advertising prohibition in Italy was approved in July 2018. This refers to the direct or indirect advertising and sponsorship limitation, as well as the services promotion one via commercials. Marketing tools, including logo placement and branded products distribution are prohibited as well.

However, all other communication methods between the operator and the client are not prohibited. So, gambling companies are allowed to inform users of information about promotions, real winning chances, minimum bet sizes, additional bonuses, as well as sports betting odds.

Italy gambling advertising

Lottery – relieved of obligations, related to the advertising services prohibition. However, bookmakers are no longer entitled to enter into partnership agreements with sports organizations.


Czech Republic

Gambling advertising in the Czech Republic was prohibited in 2017. January 1, 2017 is deemed the starting point in the fight against illegal online operators. However, the most relevant gambling industry-related news concerns the tax rates increase for gambling operators in this country. The latter claim that the excessive tax burden already negatively affects the industry, helping to redirect the visitors flow to neighboring countries.



Gambling advertisement in Bulgaria is prohibited as well. An interesting fact is that the inability to resolve the aggressive advertising broadcast issue on national television has caused the gambling regulator head dismissal.



Perhaps Estonia is the first country in Eastern Europe to prohibit gambling ads. This happened in 1997. The gambling institution premises have remained the only marketing promotion tool for Estonian operators.



Greece gambling advertising

There was developed the measures set, which goal is gambling advertising regulation in Greece in January, 2019. Targeted measures are aimed at online gambling regulation. Thus, operators are forbidden to use offensive symbols or music in marketing videos, according to new rules. In addition, advertising should not block the user’s device screen part.

A special rule is that advertising cannot be targeted to citizens, who have previously put themselves on the self-exclusion list.

The products must be additionally approved by the country’s gambling regulator, if the operator intends to use materials with famous athletes in the video.

The operator may be deprived of a license for the advertising services rules violation.

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