A Guide to Betting on The World’s Most Favorite Sports

Guide to betting on sports

Beginners are often unaware of the sports that provide them with the best odds to earn huge winnings. Apart from possessing basic knowledge regarding the players and their teams, it’s important that they understand its degree of predictability as well.


When deciding the sports that they wish to place a bet on, punters must be aware of the fact that the chances of winning are inversely proportional to the betting odds provided on these sports by betting firms. The complexities associated with a particular sports discipline must be considered and analyzed as well. Here’s a list of a few popular sports along with details on how predictable they are.



It’s a highly popular sport that’s played all over the world. However, it is played individually in most cases, which adds an element of unpredictability for betting enthusiasts. The outcomes are often dependent on the player’s condition on that particular day, which is why it has a reputation for being unpredictable.

Like all sports, some tennis matches are susceptible to being fixed beforehand. For example, a match involving an underdog going against an accomplished player offers greater odds than usual. As a result, the match may be fixed at times, resulting in the professional and crowd favorite losing to the underdog.

However, as tennis is a sport with only 2 potential results – Either Player A wins or Player B does – it’s an extremely attractive sport among beginner punters.



Football matches have 3 outcomes – They may end in defeat, victory, or a draw – making it difficult for bettors to predict a match’s outcome. They have only a 33.33% chance at winning.

Since football is extremely popular throughout the world, there are a number of opportunities for unscrupulous elements to influence the game’s result. Due to this, match-fixing rates are sky-high when it comes to football, adding an extra ring of. As outcomes may already be predetermined, even experienced and knowledgeable punters may fail to predict the outcome accurately.



Basketball betting

Highly favored by punters around the world, basketball matches are predictable to a greater extent. Bets placed on basketball matches are 2-way bets and not 3-way. As a result, punters have a 50% chance of winning, instead of 33%.

There are a number of different bets you can place on basketball games with reasonable odds. Therefore, if punters follow the sport regularly and have access to the latest updates regarding the condition of teams and players, they are likelier to make winning match predictions.

Basketball also uses a different scoring system compared to hockey or football. It’s a sport where both teams may ratchet up high scores, which enables punters with basic basketball knowledge to place successful bets, provided they utilize handicaps and Under/Over bets.


Speedway and Horse Racing

Punters love to place bets on speedway and horse racing matches. However, they do come with a greater degree of unpredictability. Results in horse races are dependent on the horse’s physical condition, stamina, and the absence or presence of injuries and distractions.

In speedway races, the conditions of the riders and their motorbikes play a crucial role. It is easier to analyze the performance history and statistics of specific drivers instead of having to review the entire team. However, do remember that the results of speedway matches are highly dependent on machines that are vulnerable to random breakdowns.

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