How can a beginner avoid losing in the casino? Professional tips

How can avoid losing in the casino

Land-based gambling houses are far from being legal in many CIS countries. However, quite often, players even come to another country to quench their thirst for excitement.


For example, in Russia, there are four official gambling zones where you can play slot machines, board games, as well as enjoy other types of gambling entertainment. Those who like such leisure activities come from all over the world, IRKZ ‘Primorye’ often caters for the guests from the Asian countries. In addition, recently, there have occurred the flights between Sochi and the United Arab Emirates to enable foreign guests to gamble in the country where such an opportunity is available. Some people have a lot of experience playing in gambling houses and they are frequent guests of such places, while others are new to the casino. The experienced players will hardly want to share their secrets, especially since each of them has his own strategy. However, there are some well-known tips on how a beginner should behave in a casino. They are presented in this article.


Three major rules

First of all, everyone who has a positive experience of playing in a casino relies on three basic principles that are always relevant for everyone, no matter what time you come to the gambling house:

  • Be able to stop in time. If you feel that excitement is capturing you more and more, this is the first signal that you should pull yourself together, stop betting, and leave the gambling house. This is the golden rule of casino games. You need to remember it all the time;
  • While playing slot machines, you should not be influenced by the feeling of greed betting again and again in an attempt to win as much as possible. Greed can play a dirty trick on a gambling house guest;
  • Listen to your inner voice. If it tells you that it’s time to stop, do not ignore this feeling.
    • Three major rules

      A beginner coming to the casino should remember this as more experienced players already know these rules very well.


      What will happen if these rules are not followed?

      If you have never played before, you will not determine at once how easily you get excited. Experts say that gambling addiction can develop very quickly in a person. If you feel that you are driven by a feeling of excitement, you constantly want to raise your stakes while playing, and in the process, it becomes more and more difficult for you to stop, all this can mean that you have problems with gambling. Psychologists advise such people to completely abandon gambling or stop playing for money. For those who love slot machines, but are not ready to make real bets, there exist social casinos that allow you to have fun and spend time playing the slot machine without losing a penny.

      It is worth remembering that there is no single rule that guarantees a win. Gambling is entertainment, and you should not take it too seriously. One more advice for a beginner who comes to the casino is to bring as much money there as you are ready spend on leisure activities.

      Nevertheless, the experts provided several recommendations that can play a positive role in the process of the gambling and slightly increase the chances of winning.


      Distribute your bets in advance

      Distribute your bets

      As mentioned earlier, the first step is to determine the budget that you are going to spend in a gambling house. It is not worth exceeding the specified amount. Then you can avoid stress and prevent significant financial losses.

      Experienced players advise to distribute the allocated funds and make several small bets when playing slot machines. Do not immediately play at maximum. This way, you will spend more time playing the game, increase the chances of winning, and avoid losing a lot of money in one spin if your luck goes against you.


      Have you won? It’s time to go away

      There is the following advice for a beginner in a casino: Have you won? Then go away. If there is already a considerable amount of money on your game account and you received moral satisfaction from the process, it’s time to leave the gambling house. You should not rely on “what if!” principle initiating the next spin. You should know when enough is enough. Be able to stop in time so as not to leave with the empty pockets.

      Do not listen to people around you who can persuade you to make one more bet saying that this is a real excitement. Remember, you are not boring, you are conservative. This quality allows many experienced gamers to “stay afloat” and leave the casino without losing all their money.


      Feel free to ask questions to those who are more experienced

      Ask question to experienced

      If you are new to the casino, do not be afraid to meet people and ask them questions about what interests you. Not everyone will share their strategies, but some people will definitely give good advice. For example, experienced players can tell which game machine is not worth choosing, and which one offers the highest percentage of returns.


      Do not forget about demo mode

      In order to find out how the slot machine works, to understand the rules, to determine the rate of return and the principle of issuing prizes, you should refrain from playing for money. Use the demo mode. In this format, the game involves virtual points and you do not need to make a real bet. But you can notice some of the nuances of how the slot machine works and understand whether it suits you or not. This mode is also suitable for those beginners who play in the online casino within the jurisdictions under which such sites operate legally.

      Thus, common sense, as well as following the above simple tips, will help a beginner to feel comfortable in the casino without losing money.

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