How do famous poker players live? Excitement reverse side

How do famous poker players live

Poker players’ everyday life is full of trials, investor’s claims, robberies, fraud and other high-profile incidents. Every day is accompanied by multiple emotions, as well as the amounts we are discussing. How do poker players live between tournaments and whether their life can be called sweet? Evaluate it yourself by the latest facts, collected in our material.


Nick Marchington and case for $52 thousand

Nick Marchington

Recently there was a trial, within which the player defended 10% of his winnings: sponsors tried to sue $ 152 thousand.

A young poker player from the UK (he is 21 years old) became the seventh at WSOP 2019, which he received $ 1.525 million for. However, the joyful event was spoiled by unfounded former partners’ claims, according to Nicholas Marchington.

The dispute essence was that C Biscuit Poker Staking backing fund’s owners (David Yee and Colleen Hartley) claimed to get the specified winning percentage due to its purchase. As for Nick, he insisted that he refused from dealing in favor of another one, more profitable, even before the tournament start.

WSOP blocked 10% of the British poker player’s winning until the case circumstances clarification and while awaiting for trial. The largest poker tournament organizers provided Nick’s with remaining winnings amount after adjudication. Media are talking about a possible proceeding’s continuation.


Brandon Stephen: 200 hours of community service and $1.1 million fine

That was the lenient punishment type for Brandon Stephen, American poker player and businessman for holding illegal private poker games. The court convicted both him and Daven Lenom, his accomplice, on July of 2019.

Brandon Stephen

The evidence in the current precedent was the text messages sending to participants, which contained the notifications about illegal games and payments data. In addition, there are handwritten books and records in the computer, containing game credits, liabilities and players’ income data.

Gwen Bierzer, United States Justice of the Peace, sentenced Stephen to both 200 hours of community service and a three-year probationary period. Stephen had already paid almost $ 1.1 million – this is the amount, which was earned from illegal gambling, by this time, according to the accused’s lawyer.

It worth mentioning, that Stephen pleaded his guilty and collaborated with the investigation, which allowed him to avoid a more severe punishment.

Brandon called the decision to plead guilty the best option for his future career and family, while answering journalists’ questions. Besides he said, that he would continue playing poker, since it was not forbidden to him.

“I told my children in 2010, that once I would definitely win WSOP bracelet. I’m going to fulfill my promise, although I have mainly played cash games, not tournaments, for the last couple of years”, – the poker player commented.

It worth mentioning that he regularly participates in the WSOP and often manage to join TOP ten players in individual events, receiving guaranteed funds award.


Darren Elias and an attempt to rob him

The poker world has recently been shocked by another piece of crime. An armed man burst into Darren Elias’ house, an American professional poker player, and started to threaten a nanny, working in his family and looking after his two-year-old daughter, according to open sources. To steal Darren’s money was Sharon Magpie’s goal.

Darren Elias

Fortunately, no one was injured in the current incident: the nanny managed to escape through the window and call for help. So, the offender, namely 24-years-old small poker player from North Philadelphia, has been arrested.

Darren commented the incident in his Twitter account:

Darren Elias has repeatedly won WSOP. Elias managed to win over $ 7,000,000 in live tournaments, and over $ 3,400,000 directly in the World Poker Tour, as of 2019.


Elusive Paul Phua and illegal betting

Another poker player became a defendant in 2019: Paul Phua was pleased with the illegal betting organizing charges removal in Macau at the end of February.

Paul Phua

Macau Business, referring to the judge’s words, said that the prosecutor’s office was unable to prove the computers use by Paul and another 14 accused of registering sports bets in this case.

This trial has been lasting since 2014, when a police raid took place during the World Cup in Macau. The result was over 20 persons were arrested and local authorities accused Phua of earning about $ 150 million in sports betting.

The lawyer’s client arrived in Macau just before the football championship start and the trip goal was a business project discussion with business partners, according to the poker player’s lawyer.

It worth mentioning that Paul Phua occasionally appears in high-profile scandals, related to illegal betting, but so far, he has managed to avoid serious consequences.

Paul Phua is ​​a high-stakes poker player, who managed to win over $ 5 million, including two wins in tournaments with a buy-in of $100 thousand.


The way Michael Borovets earned money for tournaments

Michael Borovets, who won about $ 600 thousand in live tournaments, was arrested on August, 2019 due to suspicion of fraud. Moreover, this case is not the first in the professional poker player’s history.

Michael Borovets

Currently the accusations essence is that he told people about his financial issues and asked to borrow some, even a small amount. Michael tends to disappear and avoid getting in touch, when he managed to get money. The Detroit press mentions his fraud in 13 states.

Borovets continued playing poker during all this time, as evidenced by fixing small wins in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. He even won the Golden Nugget Grand Poker Series main tournament last summer.

Now the police are collecting Michael’s victims personal data, who has previously suffered from his actions. So, the punishment will be quite serious, since such an arrest is repeated.

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