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Here, at, we do our best to create, review and publish a TOP 100 rating every month! Our main priority is providing our readers with fair, credible and unaffiliated data.

To achieve that we use hard data as the main cornerstone for our rating, specifically the traffic flowing through each and every casino we can find. The amount of traffic for every website is also used as the main filter by default. The data we use to monitor the monthly traffic is compiled from the statistics provided by

What accounts for the rest of the data? Our own bespoke research and manual data gathering methods!

To make the best use of our website possible, our digital artisans have added the possibility for you to use your own custom search filters. Although there is only one search bar, it works for the whole table. Let’s imagine you are looking for casinos in Japanese that offer Dice and support DOGE tokens. Just enter JP Dice DOGE into the Search and the results will appear automatically! Neat!

Hungry for even more data? Well, then we have got good news for you! You can view our complete data sheet here.

Wishing you the best gambling experience,

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