How should online casinos handle problem gambling?

How should online casinos handle problem gambling?

Many gamblers gamble to escape their daily monotonous routines since it allows them to have fun after a tiring day. But certain players overdo it excessively and become incapable of distinguishing between reality and the virtual world. People wind up with a gambling addiction when they’re unable to control their behavior.


Most players cannot fight problem gambling without external help. Therefore, online casinos must develop systems in conjecture with psychologists for fighting ludomania or gambling addiction. Firstly, players must be taught to handle their wins & losses the right way. New gambling laws established in different countries require operators to have a system in place that can prevent the development of harmful gambling addiction. Let’s analyze the different methods that can be used for combating gambling addiction among players.



Every online casino must provide adequate information and educate their users about responsible gambling via their website. Operators must make sure that users are regularly provided with adequate insights regarding safe gambling habits and be taught about online casino gambling addiction and the dangers it poses. Operators must periodically remind users that they should:

  • Block all access to the casino for minor users;
  • Never borrow funds to feed their behavior;
  • Take regular breaks;
  • Only make deposits which they are prepared to lose.

Operators may also require gamblers to qualify gambling addiction checks and can help them find the contact details of various organizations that fight against ludomania in gamblers.



How Online Casinos Should Deal with Problem Gambling

Several casino operators are now allowing players to cut off their access to their favorite games to ensure they don’t fall prey to problem gambling. By using self-exclusion measures, users can request operators to block access to specific online games. They can also stay away and wean themselves away from the addiction.

During this break, players have an opportunity to overhaul their attitude towards gambling. It is a crucial step that can help many people who are worried about their problem gambling habits or for those who are starting to experience its symptoms. Self-exclusion measures can help online casinos achieve a better reputation for customer safety as well.


Casino restrictions

All online casinos must permit players to impose specific individual restrictions to limit their gambling accounts, including:

  • Loss limits;
  • Cooling-off limits;
  • Time limits;
  • Betting limits;
  • Deposit limits.

Such restrictions can prevent users from unnecessarily making excessive deposits, thus decreasing the total amount they’re placing at risk. It promotes a responsible casino gaming environment.

Many online casinos implement smart algorithms that are capable of detecting players who gamble excessively. Such players are given free spins & other such bonuses, which can have detrimental effects. Such features must be removed to ensure that players don’t develop dangerous gambling behaviors.


Smart programs

Responsible online casinos recommend special gambling software programs to their users to treat their gambling behavior. Ludoman, NetNanny, and CyberPatrol are some of the biggest anti-gambling software programs in use today. They analyze engagement levels to determine the future course of action for handling the gambling behavior. They also block access to such resources, if it reaches dangerous proportions.

By utilizing such methods, operators can ensure that gambling behaviors are eradicated at the earliest, thus preventing players from falling into addiction. This makes the online casino environment much better and safe as well.

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