Learn to play Dice and how to lower your risks!

Learn to play Dice

This article is meant for dice players that want to get the most out of playing Dice! Here, we give you a short explanation of the most vital common features and shall show you how to make best use of it.


Key elements to Dice games

Game of dice is a very popular type of gambling that can bring you good winnings with a lower than average risk chance. There are many Dice game providers nowadays, with very different game designs, touches, bonus features and many other things that might seem confusing to a user that just has started enjoying the game. So let us find out what are the key elements of the game, as Newton Lee once said: “Information is power”.

When you are familiar with key components of any Dice game you can be sure that you have all it takes to become a pro-level player and take those winnings in.


Profit Multipliers

Profit Multiplier indicates how much your bet is going to bring in if you win the game, The higher the multiplier, the higher the risk. For example, if the House Edge is 1% and you want to multiply your bet by 1.13x the, your chance to win is close 88% and if you want to experience real risk but high satisfaction level on winning 13x times your bet value, the percentage of winning will around 8%.

Key elements to Dice games

House Edge

House Edge is the commission, that casinos make in order to make a living. It varies greatly depending on the game provider with the values typically ranging from 4% to 1%. In Dice, it takes the following form: if you have a 100 sided dice and the house edge is 1% there shall be one side, where casino wins the bet regardless of the situation.



Casinos also offer various bonus systems to become more attractive to players. Knowledge of these bonuses can often lead to a better gaming process as well as an increase in profits. The most common bonuses are:

  • Bet back is the percentage of the total bets you’d made at a casino, that is returned to you by the casino;
  • Loss back is a bonus system that returns the player a small percentage of the total amount lost;
  • Rake back is when a casino offers the players an option to gain a part of the House Edge the casino has made;
  • Jackpot is a chance to win a massive amount of money by reaching certain requirements, that can vary greatly between different casinos and games.

There are also quite a lot of other bonuses out there to grasp, but again, they differ greatly depending on platforms.


Bet Spread

Bet spread is a very important element of the game, and although it might not be obvious, the difference between the minimum and maximum amounts you can bet in a game is very important as it allows you to utilise a safer strategy. Also the bigger your bankroll is to your bet size the less risky the game becomes as you always shall be able to try and win the lost money back and Vice versa if your bet size is big compared to your bankroll, your game becomes riskier, but profits are proportionately higher.

Dice bet spread


Automated Dice roll, a.k.a. AutoDice, a.k.a. DiceBot is a feature, that allows playing Dice on high speeds with very little action required from the player. It allows you to input values, typically the ones like bet change on loss, bet change on win, when to return to base values, and on what win/loss amount to stop the automated game. It’s a great tool to use if you know how to do it properly and we do have articles on this matter here on our website.


Bot Speed

An important feature that is found in the abovementioned AutoDice, is the Dice Speed. Basically it is the number of dice rolls per given time period. It greatly affects the game and helps to increase profits, but also increases the risk chance. Games with fast AutoDice allow the players to utilise very safe strategies, which usually do not bring in too much profit with lower speeds. Such strategies do bring very little profit per one roll, but if you make a 1000 rolls, well that is going to be a very different story indeed. Also, some players consider higher speeds to be more fun, as you play more games per given time creating more emotion.

AutoDice bot speed

You can view our broad research on this matter here.



In our opinion, each and every player who wishes to win at dice at a regular basis is to have a certain strategy on how to gamble. Think of it as of a system of risks and profits management. You’ll be surprised, but some strategies combined with betting using cryptocurrencies allow you to gamble with such low risks, that the possibility of a plane crashing right into you becomes higher than the risk of ruin for the game (which means you losing your bankroll). The most popular strategies for Dice gambling are:


Accepted Currencies

Also, an important factor is what currencies you can use. There are only two types: cryptocurrencies and cash currencies. Cryptocurrencies have a certain edge compared to real cash, as it’s minimum value is not 0,01 like a cent is to a dollar, but rather 0,00000001 called a satoshi. It allows you to master different tactics with much less risk, as having a base bet of 0,00000001 allows you to take your time. There are also different value crypto tokens that are chip as chips and which you should use to train your tactics.



Now you have mastered the key aspects on how to play Dice and you are ready to play it knowing that you have a firm grasp on the situation. Here, at 100casinos.top, we do recommend you to take your time to test various game providers and strategies. Also, you should play the game in a responsible manner and find your own risk tolerance in it and after that nothing will be able to stop you from being at the top of your game.

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