Live dealer casinos: difference from land based casino games

Live dealer casinos

Currently online gambling is regulated in multiple world countries. Nowadays even live poker tournaments are held in live casino format. The current material provides an the games overview, provided by the current service.


We’ve analyzed the territories which legalized the current in order to realize live games concept, types and their difference from land-based casinos games.

Games with live dealers are very popular in those states where gamers are entitled to use the Internet clubs service. Let’s realize the reason.

Lack of gambling atmosphere was the main online club disadvantage. It was eliminated when real dealers joined foreign gambling grounds.

Playing with a live dealer differs from the usual game on the website. A live contact is maintained with the player as well as personal contact is available with the croupier, who shuffles and distributes live cards.

Gambling game types

Games types

We determined that live roulette, blackjack and baccarat are the most popular games. Certain American operators expand the current games variations while creating such alternatives as Casino Hold’em, three-card poker or Sic bo.


Live Roulette concept

The variations list includes «live» roulette as well. The current game creators currently provide high technological solutions for viewing angles expanding. One more its feature is the game takes place at high speed dealer-free way. Additional symbols betting from classic slot machines is one more its peculiarity. Live Roulette provides much higher limit than any other game with a real chip or online casino. Minimum bets are 10 pence.


Black Jack

The current games are not available online, but imply the real dialer presence as well. Some casinos provide additional bets, including passive Bet Behind, allowing third players to play on others’ behalf.

The blackjack game limits are much higher than in regular versions. The highest limit is £10000 for certain operators. The minimum bid amount is about £1.


Baccarat with a live dealer

Baccarat with a live dealer

Roulette and blackjack are still ahead of baccarat in popularity, therefore, the current game’s tables number is less, as a rule. The USA are still waiting for the skill games emergence, including those represented in the baccarat form, which could become an additional tool for millennials involving to live casinos.

We found out that multiple interactive gambling institutions provide additional bets, including for pairs, as well as large and small cards.


Casino Hold’em

Recently, Casino Hold’em popular poker game has become a typical feature for an increasing sites number. The current game version is Texas Hold’em variation, which implies the players to compete with the dealer, but not with each other. The live version doesn’t differ from a regular game and unlimited players number are entitled to take part in it. It starts with the initial bet, which implies two cards to be dealt to opponents while three community cards are placed on the table.


3-Card Poker

3-card poker

3-card poker is a relatively new card game, invented in 1994. Each poker hand here consists of three cards unlike other poker types, implying five cards. The current game doesn’t provide community cards, three player cards compete with just three live-dealer combination cards. Certain combinations creation probability differs from other poker games since the cards number in one combination is less.


Sic bo is the only dice game

The current game requires three dice and a board available for playing these dice. Small and large bets are the two most popular live casino ones. Players bet that the total three dice amount will be either small (from 4 to 10) or large (from 11 to 17) with 1:1 payouts. There is a chance to bet on total dice amount, certain numbers combinations, etc.

All three dice are located under his large glass dome if the game is played with a «live» dealer. He presses on the button which makes the dice to randomly shuffled. Then the dice stop after a few seconds and any winning combination is paid out to the player. Currently this game is available in a few some casinos.


Live game feature

Thus, we may conclude the main reason people prefer live dealer games is the atmosphere similar to a real casino, since first of all people visit a gambling institution to have fun. Lots of people perceive this as just a leisure. Such game creates a convenient atmosphere for the player, allowing him to feel like a real gambling institution visitor.

Modern licensed-based live-casino provide high clarity, providing the player with an opportunity to watch every dealer’s movement.

Live game feature

In addition, the gamer is provided with a great chance to directly communicate with other players, as well as the dealer within the current conditions.

Another feature is an opportunity to simultaneously launch several games in a live casino. The current opportunity provides multi-tasking and optimal intervals between rounds.

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