Modern slot machines: technologies and development trends

Modern slot machines

Today modern slot machines surprise with own functionality, forms and new features. What are the modern slot machines’ typical characteristics, available in the world’s leading casinos?


The first slot machines were invented at the end of the 19th century. They were rather massive. Therefore, it was rather hard to manage them due to the heavy iron handle, which launched the drums. So, you will be surprised to learn the way they have changed today.


Curving screens and 2.3 meters in height

Such VIP cars are available on the market today. The monitor size with built-in touch screen to ensure larger interactivity reaches 55 inches and more. Frame-free HD-quality screens, equipped with LED backlight. A wide keyboard, equipped with a dynamic touch screen and electromechanical buttons for the basic game’s functions, is located under the monitor. Special seats – comfortable soft chairs with a high back are included.

Curving screens on slot machines

Special features list, which more likely will be highly-appreciated by casino owners, include the enhanced security public key system. Besides they have mechanical meters to ensure both easy access and good visibility.


Multiple curved screens

The current gaming machine is even higher than the previous one and reaches 2.4 m. It consists of two 32-inch wide-screen monitors, having high resolution. There is a main monitor with a built-in touch screen to ensure larger interactivity, as well as new technology – the top multimedia topper, equipped with a 32-inch monitor.

Multiple curved screens on slot machines

The current device includes a large keyboard panel, equipped with a dynamic touch screen and electromechanical buttons to control the basic game’s functions.


Various configurations clear forms monitors

Such devices size varies from 1.7 to 3 m. Their feature is various configurations opportunity at the customer’s request. Therefore, they can be installed individually or combined into several slot machines groups, depending on the available area on the casino’s floors and the operators’ requirements as well.

Clear forms monitors on slot machines

A one-piece monitor may consist of two screens. For example, the one, provided below, has got two 42-inch monitors and 27-inch widescreen touch control panel.


Portrait-oriented monitors

The current exhibit differs from the previous ones by 42-inch portrait-oriented curved monitor availability. What does this provide the user with? The current mode implies the page to be displayed in portrait form – i.e. vertically, but not in landscape format – i.e. horizontally, which definitely affects the device size. It worth mentioning, the current unit occupies just 62.4 cm of space, while the previous ones had a width of 1.16 m or more. The current property will be highly-appreciated by the casino’s owner, rather than the institution’s customer.

Portrait oriented monitors on slot machines

A tribute to the classics – pen and drums

Some developers used to pay tribute to the classics since their products have both drums and a handle for launching. Their monitors tend to be smaller than those, described above – their sizes varies from 30 to 50 inches. So, they are smaller in size.

Pen and drums slot machines

In addition, there is also a Dynamic Player Panel (DPP), equipped with two-six Bash buttons, double re-bid buttons and an extensive games library as well.

In addition, such device’s feature is a built-in external USB port to provide the players with a chance to charge their devices.



We have analyzed EGT, IGT and Scientific Games gaming machines manufacturer products to make the current review.

Nowadays various machines are provided in the world’s gambling facilities market. They provide a wide games library, convenient to use both for customers and operators.

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