Myths about online casinos debunked

Myths about online casinos debunked

There are a number of superstitions people have when it comes to gambling. This article states some of the most common misconceptions people have regarding online casinos. In case you’re interested in launching your own online casino, this article can help you learn more about their workings and the basis for these myths.


Happy hour – This is a lie

People often mistakenly believe that a casino’s slot machines are set to pay out minimum winnings or returns to players during the casino’s peak hours. They believe that mornings or late nights are the best time to win big. However, it’s impossible to tweak an online casino’s slot machines to raise payouts during specified hours. Additionally, such casinos wouldn’t hold up under independent checks. Such aberrant slot machines would also attract more attention, which would defeat its purpose. As a result, online casinos always payout winnings in a random manner.


Happy numbers – This is a lie

While playing roulette, people often believe that if the ball falls in the red sector many times, that means its chances of falling in the shaded black region are only going to increase. But that’s not true.

Online casino happy numbers

Every time the ball is rolled in roulette – and every time someone spins a slot machine – it is a completely independent event. It doesn’t matter how many times the ball fell on red – the next event is not related to the previous results at all. The same goes for slots as well. It is important to keep in mind that each spin is completely unique. Powerful algorithms ensure that the sequence is completely unique, which makes each spin completely random.


The Jackpot is always taken by high rollers – Somewhat True

Previously, players were able to win the jackpot only if they made the highest bets. However, modern online casinos now provide all players with equal shots at winning the grand jackpot. No matter how small or big a bet may be, it is equally likely to win the jackpot prize.


There’s a clear winning strategy for every game – This is a lie

We’ve all come across ads online, which promise to give you a win 100% of the time. They promise to teach unique techniques and secret strategies that can help you win constantly. However, these so-called techniques are often hidden behind a paywall. One has to shell out money to gain access to these fictitious techniques.

It is important not to become carried away by such ads. Any money you spend this way won’t bring you the profits you expect. Trust us – ‘miracle methods’ are nothing but a deceptive tactic. Online casinos are completely random and make use of random number generators or RNGs to decide the winnings. It makes the entire process transparent and fair to all the users.


You are likelier to win in newly-launched casinos – This is a lie

Many players believe that newly launched casinos have generous marketing policies that can help them win big.

However, that’s not true at all. Make sure you go through all the terms and conditions of an online casino, especially if it’s a new one. Fair gambling websites usually have high rankings and ratings, favorable user reviews, transparent policies, and licensed software products. Honest casinos are focused on building fruitful and long cooperation with customers and therefore, and unlikely to rig their payout rates at any point in time to ensure integrity and fairness.


It is possible to fake the Jackpot – This is a lie

Online casino jackpot

Another common misconception is that the winners and their payouts are determined well in advance by the casino’s management. We’ve already seen how each spin in a casino’s slot machine is completely unique and independent. An online casino’s server usually has thousands of unique players trying their lick. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a website to reward jackpots to specified users.


A three-reel slot machine gives you better odds at winning – this is a lie

Just because the casino’s slot machine has 3 reels, it doesn’t mean that the payouts and RTP are going to be any better. If a slot machine has less than 3 reels, all that means is that the total number of winning combinations is slightly smaller. A three-reel slot machine is just more familiar and simpler to operate. Many users prefer this slot machine, which is why it remains relevant in today’s world.


Casinos are only for the affluent and the rich – This is a lie

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that casinos are only meant for the very rich and the affluent. In today’s world, online casinos provide a number of betting games along with increased flexibility, which ensures that even ordinary people can enjoy the casino experience without spending much money. If you want to hit the jackpot, remember this – the winner is completely random. The value of the bet doesn’t matter at all when it comes to selecting the jackpot winner.


Beginner’s luck – Somewhat True

Online casino beginners luck

A casino’s user base is mostly composed of new players. There are a number of bonus programs for enticing and attracting first-time gamblers for trying out their luck. As a matter of fact, online gambling websites often reward beginners with free entries to tournaments, free spins, and no-deposit gaming bonuses. When the budget is doubled for free, beginners are usually able to enjoy better chances of making money.


It is difficult to cash one’s casino slot winnings – This is a lie

Players who cash out their winnings are required to submit scanned copies of their documents to the website’s administrative staff. This ensures that minors under 18 are not tempted to gamble on their websites. Therefore, it is important to submit accurate personal data. Submitting fake information may get players disqualified from the casino and cause them to forfeit their winnings.

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