New cryptocurrencies in 2019

New cryptocurrency in 2020

Overview of the most interesting cryptocurrencies in 2019. What new cryptocurrencies were able to conquer the community in 2019?


Most cryptocurrency owners were waiting for 2019, since the analysts’ forecasts confirmed the market stabilization. The situation really began to slowly level off even at the 1st quarter star of 2019. Experts say that the current year is the cryptocurrency market transformation time, when both volatility and appreciation will decrease.

New promising cryptocurrencies started to form on the market and some well-known companies even officially announced their own tokens launch. We offer to find out new cryptocurrencies in 2019, which both investors and traders will focus on.


Basic Attention (BAT)

BAT is a functional token, being the ecosystem part for online advertising management. BAT tokens price significantly increased at the quarter start. BAT rate is rising slowly, so the digital currency is intended exclusively for long-term investments for 2-3 years.


BitTorrent (BTT)

Bittorrent cryptocurrency

New Bitcoin cryptocurrency is represented by a peer-to-peer decentralized system, intended to improve the protocol as well as help users to download the required content. The project was quite popular after the announcement and the tokens sale on Launchpad by Binance took place within 15 minutes. This resulted in value increase on the exchange by 7 times within 7 days.

BTT speeds up the files download from torrents and the creators wish to expand its capabilities in future to improve BitTorrent ecosystem, which is deemed one of the largest on World Wide Web. There is a chance to use any Tron wallet in order to store tokens.


Pundi X (NPXS)

The project is intended to integrate new cryptocurrencies into daily use for making daily payments. The project infrastructure includes a public blockchain, a mobile app, a payment card, a terminal, and internal tokens. Over 5 000 terminals of this digital currency have been formed in 20 countries today. So, it’s worth mentioning the investing has its benefits. The system operates such a way: the store owner, who installed the terminal, will be able to accept payment with a digital coin at the current rate regarding fiat money.

The client has a chance to pay through the app, as well as through a special card, ordered in advance.


Ontology (ONT)

Ontology cryptocurrency

The current cryptocurrency is relatively new and perspective in 2019. It has got its own blockchain project and support lots of other public blockchain systems. ONT module is relevant for identity verification, as well as for users and assets authentication. There is a public blockchain platform for businesses and corporations. Ontology is focused on trust issues, including authentication and secure data exchange.


Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

New Chinese cryptocurrency created in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork process and divided into two separate chains. Digital currency developers claim that they have organized Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of the way a peer-to-peer bitcoin network should look. One of the current project’s ideologists said that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, causing a mixed reactions storm from society, so the current cryptocurrency-related forecasts may vary.


New cryptocurrencies to be released in 2020

New cryptocurrency in 2019

Facebook will release new cryptocurrencies In the 1st quarter of 2020. The digital coin will be tested this year. Mark Zuckerberg met with England Bank’s head to talk about the likely risks. Besides he discussed important points with the US Treasury, namely the digital currency formation’s regulatory and operational aspects.

But Facebook is not the only company, which is going to organize new cryptocurrencies release. For example, Telegram team today is engaged in own blockchain platform creation. The company already distributed access to TON beta to a narrow professional teams circle worldwide, including Russian experts in April.



What new cryptocurrencies will emerge? We can’t predict this for sure. Today, the excitement around the digital currency has subsided a bit and volatility has decreased, which contributed the market to gain stability. Today, cryptocurrencies are no longer dubious assets, but, on the contrary, have become the financial system part, developing every year and arousing interest among various countries’ governments. Investments have become less risky while profits have become higher.

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