All you need to know about online casino loyalty programs

Online casino loyalty programs

The success of any online gambling platform will depend primarily on user retention. Both bonuses and tournaments are viable ways of keeping existing users interested. However, loyalty programs remain one of the most effective method. We recommend a more in-depth review of this crucial user retention tool.


What are online casino loyalty programs?

Gambling platforms use Loyalty programs to reward loyal and frequent casino players. The main idea is to encourage players to continue visiting the platform. The more deposits players make, the more loyalty points they receive.

The more points a player racks up, the higher their level. This reward system motivates players to keep revisiting the platform in two major ways. First, the higher the level, the better the bonus, and naturally users will want more bonuses. Secondly, higher-ranked users tend to get a psychological boost and a feeling of greater importance than their lower-ranked counterparts.


How do players earn points?

The point allocation system will differ from platform to platform. Generally, most online casinos will allow players accumulate loyalty points on every dollar/euro deposited, while others will award more points based on the amount of money deposited and how long players spend playing, etc.


What are the benefits of loyalty programmes?

Benefits of loyalty programmes

Most loyalty programs will feature anywhere from 3 to 6 levels including elite/VIP, diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze.

Some casinos automatically admit users into the lowest level on making their first deposit, while others may demand that players spend some time playing on the platform or by requesting to join. Typically, the lowest levels will grant free spins and daily casino promotions to players.

As players accumulate more points and reach higher levels, they gain access to better promotions, special offers, status upgrades and customized rewards. Players in the highest level will get access to exclusive bonuses, quicker withdrawals, weekly bonus spins, special event invites and access to a dedicated account manager.


How do you make a casino loyalty program attractive to players?

Loyalty programs are an effective way of encouraging users to remain on the platform. Regardless, they must also be made both attractive and exciting to keep players engaged and motivated to reach the highest level. Listed below are several aspects and elements to bear in mind before starting a loyalty program:

  • Ensure that bonuses and rewards are both realistic and appealing to both the players and the general target audience;
  • Regularly introduce new rewards and bonuses;
  • Ensure that the breaks between bonuses are not too long;
  • Ensure that terms and condition for bonuses are easy to find and understand;
  • Offer exclusive bonuses that are unique to just your platform to attract new players and keep existing ones;
  • Level progression should be realistic and not very difficult;
  • Ensure you focus on targeting new users, and not just on retaining existing ones;
  • Frequently promote your loyalty programs such that both new and loyal users are aware of the benefits that come with progressing to a higher level.

Loyalty programs are paramount to both the success and revenue generation of any online casino platform. Once a loyalty program offers special promotions and rewards, not only will it motivate existing players to remain on the platform, but it can also entice new users to join the platform.

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