Players protection way by the gambling industry: global best practices

Players protection in the gambling industry

Currently gaming industry is an extremely popular business sector. Gambling highly demanded. But it requires a proper regulation.


Recently the World Health Organization recognized gambling to be a mental disorder. In general multiple states regulators used to agree with its opinion, namely, United Kingdom, Italy and Philippines – they are aware of all the risks while trying to ensure the citizens safety.

We monitored the Network, various regulators’ websites in order to realize which territories provide the least demanding requirements for gambling advertising and where there is the toughest fight against gambling addiction to order to write the current material.


Most categorical

Probably the most categorical countries list (on the other hand, extremely attentive to their citizens’ health) includes Great Britain, Italy and Armenia.


Great Britain

For example, UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has launched the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms over the past year, in order to protect minors from gambling addiction. Age verification was introduced on the online resources. Besides lots of operators have been verified for the minors’ access to the games.

Advertising requirements for betting companies have been tightened as well. They were forbidden to post links to those resources serving children. Besides the merch, children used to wear, has been prohibited to be advertised by betting companies. Thus, betting companies’ logos are no longer placed on the athletes teams clothes, which participants are less than 18 years old.

UK gambling players protection


Italy finally came to a consensus on gambling advertising, which discussions have been going on since the summer of 2018.

Thus, the local AGCOM regulator prohibits both direct and indirect gambling advertising. Moreover, the power of veto will also be imposed on betting companies’ logos will be removed from the athletes’ T-shirts.

“Within the law, the coefficients data only, allowed to be shared with betting companies’ client, will remain. Besides, it’s not forbidden to inform them about jackpots, promotions, wagers and odds of winning”, Licensing Gaming spokesman said.


Today, African countries launched the tough regulation. So, a new law, limiting the gambling operators’ ability to promote their products, will come into force by the end of May. Its main principles are:

  • Gambling operators are prohibited to broadcast advertising from 6 am to 10 pm (children’s activity time);
  • They are prohibited to place any outdoor advertising anywhere;
  • The famous people are prohibited to participate in operator’s videos;
  • The area intended for gambling company’s announcement placement will be decreased;
  • Local BCLB regulator’s mandatory review is required.



Local lawmakers both have drafted and approved a law, which implies online gambling advertising to be prohibited on educational, social, medical and youth platforms.

Armenia gambling players protection

Besides the lottery operators attracted a lawmakers’ attention, therefore, they would be soon prohibited to promote their products on TV and radio at any time, except for the period between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am. Besides such advertising duration restrictions will be provided as well. In the first the duration is 90 seconds while in the second the duration is no more than three times per hour.


The most unassuming states

Currently Malta is one of the freest zones for the gambling business development. According to Licensing Gaming (engaged in licenses for Malta and Curaçao) experts, the advertising requirements here are less strict than in some of the countries listed above.

“In fact, the current requirements here are no tougher than in other states. For example, Maltese gambling operator website reports that television stations are prohibited to broadcast any gambling advertising from 6.00 am to 7.00 pm. Besides it should not be provided during or immediately before or after children’s programs or programs, intended or may be especially attractive to children from 7.00 pm to 6.00 am”, Licensing Gaming expert says.

The same rules are applied to radio stations.

Unassuming states for gambling

In general, broadcasters should not display ads which:

  • Encourages to violate the gambling legislation;
  • Shows less than 18 old gamblers;
  • Encourages or aims to involve persons who failed to reach the age of majority or other vulnerable individuals to gambling;
  • May be especially attractive for minors or other vulnerable individuals, especially due to reflection or association with the youth culture;
  • Exploits children or other vulnerable individuals susceptibility, desire, trust, inexperience or ignorance;
  • Is false, especially with regard to the winning chances or the expected return to the player.

“The gambling advertising requirements here are so much simple as the requirements for businessmen, who are going to get a license here in Malta. That’s why the licensing service is especially popular in Malta. Such permit provides a great chance to operate in multiple countries (except for Russian Federation). Besides the advertising requirements are not strict as well”.

Thus, according to the expert, there is a standard advertising prohibition, which implies the gambling to be a financial investment form. As a rule, it is required to post a refutation of the current point of view, for example: «Note that gambling is not money earning way and implies certain financial loss risks».

Besides he advertising which depicts, justifies or encourages a player’s socially irresponsible behavior, which may result in financial, social or emotional damage, is prohibited as well.

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