Romanian gambling industry development trends

Romanian gambling industry

The gambling technology has changed significantly both in Romania and throughout the world over 20 years. The society ambiguously perceived the current segment from the very beginning. But later the current trend changed for the better due to the relevant legislation adoption and the industry regulation bodies emergence.


So, which gambling aspects are actively gaining popularity in Romania and which are becoming a thing of the past?


Live games

Romanian gambling market’s participants are provided with multiple opportunities. For example, here players are provided with a great chance to gamble for fortune, including online, despite online casinos in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries are prohibited. By the way, the current method has got one significant disadvantage – the lack of the real gambling institution which people come to it for.

However, developers are able to eliminate the current issue while using such tool as playing with a live dealer. The largest live games developers, such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming, provide players with the board games service – blackjack, baccarat, roulette and poker – through HD video streaming broadcast, provided by a land-based casino. A real dealer, whom you can communicate with, assists in the game. The experts are convinced that more casino software providers will integrate the current games into their portfolio.


VR games

VR games and gambling

Virtual reality is a new experience, which is already available to players from several casinos. VR games’ goal is to create virtual reality, implying a gambling to be its part. Board VR games are the research subject, performed by developers, despite the current technology is still deemed new. A live dealer is replaced by a robot while casino tables and surroundings are created by software. It is not yet clear, whether the current games will get lots of many fans. But it worth mentioning a completely unique and new game mode will appear, if this happens. The virtual world is an active and dynamic computer gambling combination in a simulated living environment.


3D slots

3D games, providing lots of action and animation, look like the future of online slots. 3D graphics has renewed the players’ interest in the reels rotation. Such simulators tend to become a jump to a higher level.


Betting in cryptocurrency

Betting in cryptocurrency

It is impossible to ignore such a rapidly growing industry as the cryptocurrency one. Therefore, cryptocurrency rates may become one of the key Romanian gambling industry development trends in the future. Just few Romanian casinos accept bitcoins. Netbet may be mentioned as an example. Probably, 2019 will become a new cryptocurrencies and payments era start, made while using both Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero. Perhaps the coins will be accepted by online casinos on a much larger scale, than currently. However, this will require to create legislation, which will control cryptocurrency operations.


Blockchain games

It’s important to realize what blockchain technology means before talking about the current games. This is an easy way to transmit information in an absolutely safe way. A transaction initiates the block creation. It is tested by thousands or millions of computer systems, distributed on Internet. The current block verified is added to the chain, stored on the Internet – some kind of a unique record creation with a unique history. One record data correction is fraught with the entire chain falsification.

It’ almost impossible. Bitcoin uses the current cash transactions model, but it can be implemented in other ways. Currently there are lots of blockchain technology-based games, namely Etherwarfare, Ether Quest, Spells of Genesis. They allow to collect virtual points during the game, which can be then used to buy different things. The current points are awarded when a player reaches a certain level in the game.

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