Roulette: understanding the rules of the game

Roulette rules

In essence, roulette is a simple game, but still, you should understand its basic rules, elements, and variations.


There are two basic rules that can affect the winnings in casino roulette. The first one is the number of “zeros”. In most cases, there can be one or two numbers like that. But there are games where there are more of them. The second one is the rule of returning the half of the stakes (En Prison). A player loses only half of his stakes when “0” or “00” come up. In European roulette, there is usually only one sector with “zero”.

One “zero”Returning half of the stakesEven oddsAdditional bets

*The table shows the advantage of the casino if the result is negative for the player in all four combinations.

Popular variations of roulette

Popular variations of roulette



When the ball hits “zero”, all the bets are frozen. As a rule, the bet is left for the next spin, after which the stake is either returned to the player without the profit, if the spin was “victorious”, or it is lost, even if a ‘zero’ is involved.

The advantage of a gambling house is 1.39%.



This variation is quite similar to the previous one. The only difference is that if “zero” comes up twice, then the bet is frozen for two spins. To return the stake, both spins must be winning for the player. If zero comes up again, the player loses. The advantage of a gambling house is 1.37%.



If the ball stops at zero, half of the stakes is returned to the player. The advantage of a gambling house is 1.35%. If more than two “zeros” come up in the game (although no one has ever heard of this yet), then it is better to avoid the game.


Where to play?

In the U.S., most roulettes have “double zero”, and returning half of the stakes is impossible. However, there are some exceptions, for example, in Atlantic City, where the roulette has a “double zero” but the rule of returning half of the stake is still present. There are also many houses where people play with single “zero”, but rule of returning half of the stake does not work.

In Las Vegas, there are several places where there is a single “zero” with high minimums. The Nembada Palace and Stratosphere gambling houses offer low minimums and the game with a single zero. You can also play roulette in Bellagio, Mirage or Aladdin. There is single “zero” and the rule of returning half of the stakes works.


Roulette strategy and the rules of the game

Roulette strategy

Experts advise to choose the roulette with the best rules and with single “zero”. Those who play with double “zero” do not understand that the profit of the gambling house in this case is twice as high. If the rule of returning half of the stake works, it is worth making only one-to-one bets. It is not advisable to make a five-number bet in a game with double “zero” because it is almost impossible to guess the numbers, position or size of the bet.


Betting system

It doesn’t matter how often the ball stops on the red part. Betting the same color during the next round equates to betting black. Despite the popular belief, numbers, columns, colors, etc., are always late. The game has existed for almost 300 years, and players have always tried to find winning combinations.

Some people believe that the method of varying the bets helps to win, others think that it is worth paying special attention to numbers that haven’t been involved in the game for a long time. The researchers argue that it is impossible to predict the game from the mathematical point of view.



The Martingale is the oldest and most popular betting system. Each subsequent bet doubles and the color which is used in it changes.

No matter what system is used, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to beat the gaming house with zero or double zero.


Roulette wheel prognosis and the dealer signature

Many players believe that they can keep track of the roulette wheel. How realistic and possible is this? Those who believe in the “dealer signature” system think that the dealers have a very good memory and they launch the ball at the same speed. These people consider that from the position of the ball, one can guess where it will stop. The effectiveness of these theories has not been proven. It is difficult for the human eye to capture the movement of the wheel.

Roulette betting system

There were cases when players won a casino roulette game using computer analysis. How does it work? With the help of technology, the speed of wheel rotation, as well as the speed of the ball, is determined and an assumption is made about the pocket that the ball will occupy. In 2004, in London, players won £1.3 billion using laser scanners and microcomputers. However, it is worth remembering that in some states, for example, in Nevada, the use of various devices is considered a crime, and instead of winning, the player may wind up in jail.

As in keno, what matters is not the numbers that are involved in the bet, but the place where this bet is made. Experienced players recommend participating in the games with single “zero” or the rule of returning half of the stakes. And it is even better if these two rules are used together. There exist many systems, but none of them is 100% right. Remember that the goal of gambling is always the same – to beat you.

They say that good things come to those who do not go to the casino for a big win. You should not make a mistake and perceive gambling as a tool for making money. Remember that this is just fun and the way to spend your free time.

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