Slot machine paylines

Slot machine paylines

Slot machines are one of the most common gambling entertainment types. They tend to be placed in both interactive and land-based casinos as well. The slots popularity is caused by its user-friendly interface. But whether the slots development way is so much simple? The current review nature is analytical, but not advertising.


Earlier the «slot machine» phrase was associated with the classic «one-armed bandits», requiring coins and the lever lowering several times, while hoping to win. Currently new technologies are being applied in the slots development. The game rules have become more transparent while the paylines have been thought out well in order to provide the users with a higher winning probability.


Slots operation way

The traditional «one-armed bandits» and «fruit» slots machines have three reels and one central payline, where it’s required to combine the symbols for getting a win. The current slots are still extremely popular in both land-based and remote gambling institutions since they are the simplest in paylines terms.

Modern games are computer software-based, able to provide any paylines number with five or seven reels. Sometimes the reels number reaches several hundreds in certain games.

The winning combination is still achieved by matching the same symbols. In fact, the paylines may run through the reels multiple ways. There are straight paylines, running through all the reels, but not just through the central one only. Besides they may run horizontally, vertically, diagonally or zigzag as well.

Whether paylines are important in slot machines? There are potentially multiple winning combinations, available in different paylines, when the reel spins. Winnings in each spin are collected and added to the bankroll. The player will have a chance to win more money, if he manages to collect several paylines by one spin. However, the more paylines the game has, the larger will be the bet on each spin.

Slots operation way

It’s recommended to look through the payout table, available on the main game screen, in order to realize a particular slot operation way. It provides data on the paylines number, available in the slot and their emergence way on the reels. Besides the information section contains the winning combinations data and as well as the amount data, charged for each of them, in addition to bonus games and free spins information.


Slots paylines number

There are lots of games, providing just one payline, while its most common number is 3, 5, 9, 15, 20 or 25. Besides there are multiple slots, containing large paylines number – 243 or even 1024. They are called, «providing 243 winning ways» or slots «providing 1024 winning ways». Microgaming became one of the first companies, introduced the current type. Later Net Entertainment and Playtech made the same.

Developers refused from the paylines concept and each character actually acts as the scatter in the current games. The slot will make payments while the same symbols are on adjacent reels, regardless of the reel part they are located in.

Some slots are fixed, i.e. it’s required to use all existing paylines while playing. Other slots provide an opportunity to choose both paylines number and amount the player will bet on each of them. Obviously, the fewer paylines are available in the game, the lower the winning chances. However, each spin will cost much less.

It is extremely important to be aware of the slot’s paylines number as well as paylines amount, the player is going to use. For example, 1 cent, bet on each payline turns into 25 cents per spin. But the total amount will be $ 250, if you increase the amount to $ 10 per game line. That’s why some «cheap» slots may be deemed large bets slots.

Slots paylines number

Paylines-free slot machines

Modern online gambling provides lots of various brands, offering various combinations formation principles.


Multiway Xtra – IGT development

Multiple slots, produced by IGT, provide Multiway Xtra feature, allowing to form combinations in adjacent columns, regardless of their images. Here may be available up to 720 or even 1024 winning chain create ways.

It is worth mentioning that lots of the current series models are design unusual way. For example, Prowling Partner and Day of the Dead slots provide various heights columns on their reel screens. This contributes to the symbols formation into a hexagon.


Allplay – Novomatic development

Novomatic well-known company provides the current type models as well, for example, Magic 81 Lines and Hoffmania slots, which don’t have the standard active lines.

Allplay option contributes to the winning combinations formation from identical images, appearing in any part on adjacent reels, including the first one.


Scatter Pays by Novomatic

Novomatic developers provide another money earning way for combinations, formed active paylines-free way. The current system is called Scatter Pays while being currently implemented in Spinning Fruits video slot. Players are provided with payouts for at least five identical symbols, regardless of their location on the reels.

Scatter Pays by Novomatic

The game provides a large drop-down images combinations number. Moreover, free spins are activated if a player gets at least seven characters and more. Those images, which formed the combination, remain at their places while other elements are replaced with new ones. The player is provided with one of three progressive jackpots, if he manages to fill the entire screen with the same type symbols.


Win All Ways by Yggdrasil Gaming

Monkey King slot doesn’t provide active paylines, dedicated to Sun Wukong legendary character. The game provides so-called «Win All Ways» system instead. I.e. any combination, containing three or more consecutive images, located in any reels’ part from left to right or from right to left, will definitely result in winning.

The current video slot provides huge unique characteristics number, several wild-symbols types, various bonus games, free spins and some other interesting options as well.


Paylines-free slot machines pros and cons

Most paylines-free video slots tend to form various winning combinations. However, payments are rarely large. Thus, the main disadvantage is their low dispersion level. Large money amount losing risk is extremely small on the one hand, even if failed to win something over a long period of time. On the other hand, it makes no sense to hope for hitting the jackpot just by one spin.

Thus, most paylines-free slots provide the similar combination formation systems. Identical images are intended to create a chain in adjacent columns, starting from the first one. The possible chances variety to get payments primarily depends on the characters number, available on the screen and their location as well.

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