Slot machines without paylines

Slot machines without paylines

Recent online gaming platforms come with a wide variety of advanced features, these include exciting gameplays and several extra bonuses. Whatever the case might be, winning is primarily dependent on having matching symbols on the paylines.


As time goes by, new slots are designed without paylines, you instead win by having not necessarily exact symbols on each reel, but having similar symbols on each reel. These slots can have more lines, even more than a hundred as the case may be.


Meaning of paylines

Winning lines are the underlining factor in your classical slot, having symbols that aren’t similar on your betting lines is not regarded as a win. You also do not win except the combinations lands on your selected paylines.

Each line on the slot is designed with a unique shape, but they are either straight, horizontal, angled, diagonal or vertical. Combination of these shapes and symbols are read from the left to the right. The number of lines is different for every slot, ranging from one line to a hundred.


Slots without paylines

Recent slots are known to come with a variety of designs and storylines, but slots with no paylines are always designed with similar features that simplify gaming and make it more exciting.

Slots without paylines give players a chance to get a wider range of combinations, however, the pay for each win is usually very low, but its compensated by the fact that you win more often than the normal slot design and your chances of getting kicked out are less.

Break Away by Microgaming: this is an advanced slot design with no paylines. The slot has 5 reels with 243 possible win combinations, which at least three reels have to match. This slot also comes with special shapes/symbols and bonus or extra spins Game of Thrones by Microgaming: This is a virtual slot machine that is designed to the theme of the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. It has 243 possible win combinations and 15 reels, with special symbols and bonuses.

Break Away by Microgaming

Benefits of slots without paylines

You are definitely going to get bored playing the same pattern of betting over and over again, and so developers are on top of their game in creating new patterns, gameplay, and designs to keep players excited all the time. Players who we reviewed testified that they prefer this form of slots to the classical ones because they are exciting, fun, and very recreational.

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