Slot machines: tips and strategies

Slot machines tips and strategies

Slot machines are one of the most popular gambling forms in casinos around the world where it is legalized. The slots provide income from 65 to 75% of the total institution’s one, according to analytical data. How to play slot machines? Every gambling club’s guest asks the current question at least once.


Slot machines: whether it is possible to win?

Slot machine is quite simple entertainment type. All you need is just to insert a coin, pull the lever or click on the «Spin» button and wait for the results. Profitable slots can be absolutely random while other gambling types, including such as poker and blackjack, usually require certain skills. Lots of people usually are not aware of this. But there are certain strategies, giving you more chances to hit the jackpot in slots.


Slot machines’ secrets

Whether there are profitable slot machines available? No, even the most experienced gamer will hardly be able to name certain slot machines, regularly bringing large cash awards. It doesn’t make sense trying to figure out the emulators’ secrets and identify the vulnerabilities since any casino’s administration, whether it is a ground-based or interactive club, carefully monitors the payment system. Therefore, the player will be immediately blocked for fraud attempts.

Slots secrets

But may I play slot machines and win? Each gambler has got own secrets. Some of them tend to determine which slots are the most profitable by trial and mistakes method while others rely on probability theory and develop their own tactics. What is more effective?


How to beat slot machines? Gambler’s tips


Tip 1: Manage your money

Those gamblers, who are aware of the way to manage own money while playing slots, tend to win. Your evening will be ruined if you bet all remaining $100. But what if you leave the casino with these $100, which haven’t been still spent? You just enjoyed the evening entertainment for free, at the casino’s expense, which makes you a winner.

In fact, money management process is simple when you play slots. You set the minimum money amount you’d like to save. For example, you invested $100 in a slot machine while your minimum threshold in the slot machine selected is $50. There is a great risk that you will lose $50 immediately if it immediately takes away them.

However, betting $50 and $0.25 on a spin is a big difference. You need to bet proportionally to your money amount available, if wishing the reels to spin for a long time. So, betting the whole amount on the only spin is an extremely rash decision, if you have just $10.

Manage your money

The chances to become the winning owner increase if spinning the reels more often – lots of players think so, but it’s not true, in fact. The slot machine captures a random number from a huge randomly generated numbers table and the number, required to be «positive» in your bet, can be 1000 spins. You can’t win if you have enough money just to make 100 spins.

Some players prefer to reload the machine since any slot machine uses a random number generator in order to determine which winnings will be paid out, but they are mistaken again. The system will return to its possible random numbers long list start if reloading. We are talking about their huge number – probably hundreds of thousands or millions. Besides it’s impossible to predict the date when the slot will be the most profitable. Such claim as «the current machine brings money after 9 pm on Thursday» doesn’t have any arguments and evidence.

Therefore, the only strategic control available is to stop betting on a sequence of random events, which doesn’t work in your favor, while gambling at random odds. You either play with low stakes or stop playing on the current slot machine.


Tip 2: Manage your time

Lots of people are sure the success depends on the hours number a player spends for lowering the machine’s lever. But this is wrong. You need to make time work in your favor. Time is money in a casino.

Manage your time

The random number generator is constantly producing new values ​​for its machine. Be sure to take a break if realizing that currently luck is not on your side. This makes it possible to «cool down» from the excitement feelings, which unexpectedly arose. Let the random number generator rotate for several unsuccessful cycles for you. Make it a rule to pause after 30 minutes of play. Call by phone, send a text message, look around – all this will allow the random number generator to scroll several cycles and you may control what you are doing.


Tip 3: Manage your location

Try to gamble where you feel as comfortable as possible. You will not benefit from an excessive nervousness where it’s required to stay calm and be patient. Good luck doesn’t like too nervous players.


Tip 4: Prefer high-return slots

Highly-experienced gamblers advise choosing slot machines, providing a high return to player (RTP) despite the fact that no one is aware of which slots are profitable. The current data are freely available and you may find such data in the particular slot description section, as a rule. Such machines pay out less jackpots while providing more profitable combinations.


Slot strategies

How to beat slots and what determines the winning? Each user tends to think about this. Let’s look through the strategies, which can be used in the gambling industry as well as their pros and cons.

The current strategy is widely known among gamblers. Its principle is as follows: the next bet should be increased if the current bet has been lost. I.e. each loss increases the winning chances to the next spin if evenly correlating all the losses and wins. So, the winning after doubling a bet may compensate for an early loss. However, it’s required to make quite large bets number per game session in such a case.

Martingale slot strategies

“Parlay” system

It is also known as «Anti-Martingale». The strategy is to decrease the bet after each loss and increase after each win. The current system has got certain logic, given that over 50% of the spins are losing on any slot machine. However, the disadvantage is you may be lucky while making a small bet and you may lose, if making a big one.


Pyramid system

Its goal is to increase the bets gradually, while reaching the maximum ones and then gradually lower again to the minimum. Example: up to 5 coins can be put on a line. In such a case your betting system should look like this: one – two – three – four – five – four – three – two – one.


Hi/Lo system

It looks like the previous strategy, but currently the player is invited to alternate between high and low bets. Such a system is usually used on slot machines, which don’t offer a progressive jackpot.


“One bet per day” system

Such system’s name says it all. It involves making one bet every day on a slot, providing progressive jackpot. This allows to significantly save money spent for the game as well as avoid large losses, even if failed to be lucky.



How to beat slot machines

No one is able to clearly answer which of the strategies is 100% perspective in winning terms despite the fact that highly-experienced players have long developed the strategies, mentioned above, for betting on slots.

You should consider the slot machine primarily as entertainment. Be sure to previously determine the funds amount you are willing to pay for your evening entertainment and take exactly such money amount.

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