Slovenia gambling: regulatory features, licensing and prospects

Slovenia gambling

Slovenia is one of European countries, having got a moderate regulatory regime in relation to the gambling industry. Continue reading our material to learn more about jurisdiction, licensing rules and development prospects’ legislative features.


Slovenia is located in Central Europe. It has been EU member for over 15 years. The gambling industry operates legally in Slovenia, as in most countries in the region. The gambling market is represented by both land-based gambling institutions as well as online segment, which has got some typical characteristics.

The state has got 16 casinos, as well as seven poker rooms and special bingo halls. Slovenian Ljubljana is not gambling entertainment center, unlike other European capitals. The sports betting industry is a monopoly bookmaker.

The casinos’, bookmakers’ and lotteries’ operation has got certain legislative features, which will be discussed below.


Slovenian gambling legislation

Slovenian Gambling Law was adopted in 2012. The current document was developed to ensure the harmonious and controlled gaming industry development. It both involves special mechanisms to counter fraudulent activities related to the gambling industry as well as contributes to the fight against money laundering in casinos.

Slovenian gambling legislation

In addition, the document contains the rules, required to observe the minor citizens’ rights and describes measures to minimize the gambling addiction development risk.

All gambling can be divided into several groups, according to Slovenian law: those in which users oppose each other; those in which the user opposes the casino; board games, entertainment while using dice. Lotteries, betting operations and slot games are deemed separate subspecies.

All adult citizens may join the gambling in Slovenia. However, gambling institutions are entitled to prohibit the visitor to visit the casino in case of its internal rules violation.

The post-Soviet space is typical for Slovenia from the gambling regulator’s point of view. Here, the State Tax Service and the Ministry of the Interior government departments act as the regulatory body.


Licensing features

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for licensing. The gaming operator is obliged to sign a concession agreement with the country’s government.

Slovenia licensing features

It’s required to provide a package of required documents to get the company’s permit. These include the company’s name and legal address, the charter and an extract from the court register. In addition, the gambling operator should prepare a business plan for at least the first three years of the brand’s work in the market. The operator must provide a description of both the casino itself and the gambling rules, which the visitors will be provided with, if it comes to obtaining a license to manage a gambling institution.

In addition, Slovenian gambling regulator requests comprehensive data about the company’s owner as well as the institution’s internal control ruled.

The gambling regulator coordinates own actions with the local community, whose territory the gambling institution will be located in, as well as with neighboring local governments before making a final decision on the license provision.

A favorable factor in obtaining a Slovenian gambling license may be the region’s tourist attractiveness increase. Negative – the gambling facilities dominance in the current area.

Over 45 licenses for the gambling halls operation can’t be simultaneously issued in a country, according to Slovenian laws.


Players’ rights protection

Slovenia players rights protection

Slovenian gambling legislation provides special players’ rights protection mechanisms. They include both the current self-exclusion program as well as the ability to set a monthly gambling spending limit.


Gambling business’ online segment in Slovenia

Slovenian gambling business development news emergence is not regular. this is a certain market stability indicator on the one hand and some mothballing indication, on the other hand.

One of the last bright gambling activity bursts occurred last year due to some deputies’ wish to review and improve the legislation, governing the online segment.

The main innovations idea was to form a new controlled market for online gambling. The need for changes was explained by the fact that users preferred the unlicensed foreign operators’ services, while ignoring Športna Loterija betting monopoly.

Online gambling in Slovenia

The innovator claimed that 85% of the profit, provided by the sports betting industry, was exported from Slovenia due to irrelevant legislation. The norm adoption would have to contribute to additional funds raising in the amount of € 500 thousand. However, the deputies did not support the current initiative.



Stability is Slovenian gambling market’s key feature. The country is not inclined to frequent gambling legislation revision. However, this does not interfere with the proper players’ rights enforcement level.

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