Whether sports betting is perspective?

Sports betting perspectives

The technology development in the 21st century, especially in sports betting terms, was aimed at the customers provision with the instant rewards. So, how the current trend may affect the future of betting as a whole?

“We live in a time when people expect to be strong the very next day once done just a few push-ups. The same relates to the sports betting industry”, – according to Yakub Myshkorovsky, STATSCORE commercial director.

Live-bets – the reason to avoid refusing from them

The reason «live bets» are so much attractive is all happens right here and now. I.e. you make a bet during the game and you do not need to wait for long time to find out the result. You win or lose quickly, which enhances the player’s feelings.

This makes people come back to make live bets on the best websites, self-service terminals or mobile apps.

That’s why betting industry giants invest both a lot of time and money in order to expand live bets range, increase the game events number as well as the services quality.

Modern bookmakers used to actively develop «live» bets, which is confirmed by their strong wish to provide animated key events in real time through special services.


The reason preliminary bets are so much important

Prospects for sports betting

But whether the desire for instant reward threatens the future of preliminary rates? Myshkorovsky explains the reason his companies are not yet ready to fully engaged in live-bets.

Live-bets initiated sports betting and most of betting companies are fully convinced that the sports betting world strictly requires preliminary rates. Here are three main reasons:

  • Pre-game bets give provide more time to analyze quotes correctly, while real-time bets provide quick responses and quick decisions. Preliminary bets relieve users of some pressure since they allow them to carefully and slowly analyze the data and then to make the best decision without an annoying stopwatch.
  • It is easier to create a cumulative bet. The combined bet for several sports (leagues) requires high analytical skills and impeccable assessment. We doubt that you will be able to quickly make the right decision in live betting for several matches simultaneously despite an opportunity to quickly do it for one game.
  • You have a chance to make a decision later and think it out carefully. This is impossible in relation to «live» bets, where all the chances arise and disappear rather quickly due to obvious reasons.



Whether sports betting is perspective

It’s possible to conclude once analyzed your customers’ behavior that there are those choosing live mode with all the excitement typical for it, as well as those who don’t like to rush while making more thought out bets.

So, we are sure that those bookmakers, maintaining the right balance and meeting both clients groups’ needs, will remain the most competitive.

Therefore, bookmakers are engaged in high-quality preliminary bet widgets development for the current bet type fans. Thus, they satisfy more traditional bettors’ demands, preferring to spend additional time to make the right decision before betting.

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