The Greatest Women in the gambling industry

The Greatest Women in the gambling industry

Gambling has become popular in today’s world among both genders and of different age groups. However, women’s gambling used to be frowned upon in earlier times. However, a number of women have been able to achieve success in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Here’s a list of inspiring women who have made it big in the world of gambling.


Women throughout history


Lottie Deno

Carlotta J. Thompkins or Lottie Deno was a heavyweight gambler who was nicknamed ‘Gambling Queen of Hearts’ by her peers. Her family members were avid gamblers, which led her to the world of gambling. She used to accompany her father whenever he visited gambling houses. He helped his daughter achieve success in the gambling business and trade as he believed that it would make her a successful and strong woman.
Lottie Deno
Lottie eventually settled down in Texas and worked as a professional dealer for a while. She was wooed by a rich casino owner. They traveled all over the world, winning jackpots at a number of casinos. She once made a fortune in a single game of poker, earning her the title ‘Lottie Deno’.  

Alice Ivers

Ivers was an English woman, who conquered the entire gambling industry with her outstanding poker skills, charisma, and appearance. Her husband was a fan of the game, which aroused her interest in it as well. She soon mastered the game and was nicknamed ‘Poker Alice’ by her friends. Her name was legendary across gambling saloons throughout the American West. She was a class apart when it came to poker and won almost every game she entered.  

Kitty Leroy

Born during the 1850s, this legendary gambler led an extraordinary life filled with adventure, excitement, and drama. She lived only for 28 years but made the best out of it. At the age of 14, she started gambling and was capable of beating even adult players. She married a year later but soon decided to devote her entire life to gambling. She later launched a gambling saloon on her own and became a professional dealer.  

Women ruling the gambling industry today


Kathleen Liebert

Kathleen Liebert
She was the 1st ever female player who won $1M during a major poker tournament. Kathleen participated in 6 final tables during the World Poker Tour, winning third place back in 2005. She graduated from college and began working as a professional business analyst. However, she became bored with it and began dabbling in the US stock market. She also had a lot of free time and courage, which helped her travel and kick off a professional gambling career.  

Annie Duke

This woman was born to gamble. Although she had an excellent academic record, she suddenly decided to leave everything just one month before graduating from college. She went off to the city of Las Vegas along with her supportive husband to plunge into gambling. She kicked off her successful gambling career in Vegas. Today, she’s a reputed poker player who has written a number of books detailing her gambling strategy. She won the World Series of Poker tournament back in 2005. In 2010, she earned $2M from a single World Poker Tour. Her earnings that year touched a record $4M during that year.  

Lydia Barbara

She started off as an amateur poker player. However, she taught herself to play better and began monetizing her incredible skills. She was appointed as Poker Manager by Microgaming in 2009 and was promoted to Head of Poker in 2010. She then launched the Ideas Factory in 2016, which was a place for people to air their new business ideas and seek funding from Microgaming. The venture has enabled a number of people across the world to find success in the gambling sector.  

Denise Coates

Denise Coates
Denise is a British billionaire and businesswoman, who is also the co-CEO and founder of Bet365, a reputed online casino. In 2018, she earned over $4.6B, as per reports from Forbes. She happens to be the UK’s highest-paid Chief Executive, thanks to the incredible success of her gambling venture. Her career started off while she was working as a lowly cashier in a family bookmaking business. Her Internet speed was quite poor at the time, but that didn’t stop her from launching a sports betting website. She registered as her own in 2000 and started her business in an old van. Thanks to her unwavering commitment and patience, she has been able to create one of the UK’s most profitable firms.  

Karolina Pelc

Pelc began her journey in gambling clubs after she graduated high school. Pelc has achieved great success over the course of the last 15 years during which she mastered every facet of the gambling sector. Today, she works as the Director of LeoVegas, an online casino. She has won the ‘Best Mobile Product’ and ‘Best Live Casino’ awards repeatedly. She is also a caring mother and wife.  

In summary

Women are just as successful as men in the gambling industry, as proven by this article. Although gambling used to be considered to be solely reserved for men, women have shattered this perception, thanks to their numerous achievements and awards. The gambling sector discriminates against no one – if you have the passion to succeed, this is the best place to do it!
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