Slot Machines: The Invisible Influence of Notes

Invisible influence of notes

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of music on a life of a common person. No matter where, at work, on vacation, or at home – it is the music that is able to bring out the desired emotion or create the right atmosphere. Read more about the influence of background music in our article.


Music has found its way outside the concert halls and has become one of the background and permanent elements of human life a long time ago. Music accompanies us on the way to work, disposes us for productivity, joy, sadness or just relaxes. Highlights of painting or literature are created and the last meters of daily running are overcome under the influence of music. Experienced advertisers and marketing experts know about the influence of music, and the developers of slot machines know it as well.

People rarely think about the nature of this effect. But numerous research confirm that different musical styles have unique properties. For example, Melbourne scientists advise to be more careful with hard rock, as it can cause aggressive states, whereas in contrast according to numerous studies, classical works of famous world composers have positive effect on a person.


Music and marketing: The influence of music on product promotion

The influence of music on consumers’ behavior is one of the most eagerly sought topics in business. In such a way restaurant visitors can evaluate its standard, having barely crossed the threshold, and the shop owners have the opportunity to hold or shift the customer into the right direction simply by switching the music tracks. In essence, the combination of music and advertising has a very powerful effect on a person. Thus, repeating many times in his head, a catchy melody can imperceptibly induce the buyer to purchase a particular product.

Music and marketing

In Western Europe, music marketing is widespread to such that there is a whole industry of companies, specializing in the concepts of musical design of commercial enterprises. It is significant that the industry leader is a company that previously worked with the US government. Its task was to create the music tracks for armament factories in order to increase labor efficiency without financial stimulation of workers.

The researchers emphasize that when choosing background music for the service industry or retail business, it is important to consider all factors, such as volume, tempo, rhythm and style. However, the classic marketing issue regarding the target audience should not be excluded.

There is even a separate direction in science that studies the influence of music on consumer preferences called the music marketing. It is believed that well-chosen background music may boost sales. According to the rules of music marketing, it is the sound element that can create a certain brand perception.


The influence of music on the gameplay: Slots

It should come as no surprise that everything said above about the effect of music on human behavior is also true in regard to the process of gaming. That is why the selection of musical tracks is important when creating the necessary environment in land based gambling venue. Because of the globalization processes, slot machines in the classical as well as interactive format, became one of the most popular types of gambling. Certainly, in case if this type of gambling is not prohibited within the jurisdiction territory.

Having collected the data published in open access, we analyzed the work and musical preferences of the world’s major developers of slots.

Influence of music on the gameplay

The developers of slot machines pay much attention not only to the functional component of the slots, but also to the thematic one. In this case, the factor of influence of music can be almost decisive when choosing one or another simulator. Music not only sets the pace of the game, but also makes it possible for you to dive into the story that the developer offers. There are even individual slots dedicated to classical or modern musical works, as well as their performers.

However, everything has a flip side of the coin. The research has shown that the music that accompanies the game of slots can be addictive for visitors of gambling venues. Scientists have also proved that the melody that traditionally sounds from slot machines has an impact on the player, increasing the level of enthusiasm and contributing to the growth of excitement.

Psychologists at Canadian University of Waterloo undertook a study that involved 96 volunteers. The main subject matter was the change in the heartbeat of the players during the game or after its completion.

In addition, at the end of the experiment the scientists have conducted a survey in order to understand exactly what emotions a visitor is experiencing and how music influences them. The vast majority of participants in the experiment – 72.5% reported that they liked playing with sound effects more than without them. Analyzing the players visually, while paying attention to the skin, the scientists have found that the players who used the sound mode of games are more emotionally excited, and the game session itself becomes more exciting for them. After measuring the level of conductivity of the skin, it turned out that the indicator became much higher if the participant turned on the musical accompaniment at the start of the slot.

Slot machines and music

As a rule, the increase in the heartbeat of the players was accompanied by winning rounds, while after the defeat the pulse rate often remained unchanged.

However, the most significant effect was that the players who used the music while playing the pockie machines had the feeling that they won 24% more rounds than they actually did.

The same indicator for those who prefer to turn off the music, was only 15%.

It is worth reminding that the leading developer of slot machines Microgaming has paid players about 155 million euro as jackpots.

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