The most popular poker styles

The most popular poker styles

Poker has become an independent discipline with its individual tournaments, players, specialized literature and a constant news flow within the industry. The large game dynamics made it possible to analyze the experience and distribute poker fans according to certain game styles, as well as to deduce poker players typology.


Cautious style

Tight style. The current game method’s idea is a poker player plays a small number of the most powerful hands. The tight style fans prefer avoid getting involved in difficult situations and play confidently in case of having got the winning cards in their hands. Players are rather responsible for the cards. Therefore, their actions are quite predictable. Being aware of the fact, the opponent plays within a tight style, the player may already conclude about his further actions. Most often, the current style is preferred by novice poker players. There is observed a little dynamics at the tight style fans’ table, since there are no aggressive poker players, who would arrange provocations and try to bluff.

Such style is divided into tight-aggressive and tight-passive. The first option is found out in offline and online poker. In such a case, the player exerts strong pressure on other participants at the table, when he is sure that he has got the most winning combination. However, highly-experienced player may only imitate a tight-aggressive style, actually holding a weak card.

Dan Harrington, despite his professionalism, played in a tight-aggressive style, which contributed him to win in Main Event WSOP 1995 as well as managed to reach the final of three main events.

Scotty Nguyen managed to defeat McBride in 1998, when he received a strong hand and immediately went all-in. McBride, within the loose style, decided to find out what will happen next, and called, and finally lost.

A tight-passive style is most often found out among those players, who don’t want to lose and have got a small victories number in their professional biography. There are frequent cases when, even with a strong card, a participant in the table does not dare to make a high bet. The current style is characterized by low profitability.


Active style

Active poker style

Loose style. Here the allows himself to freely act, hereby contributing to a greater risk and unpleasant situations probability as well. It’s more typical for highly-experienced players. Loose style allows to pick up small pots, since some participants fold their cards without risking a small win. It’s quite hard to predict the player’s actions, preferring a loose style, since he does not neglect the bluff. Rather often, lots of players tend to continue playing with a loose player, mistakenly thinking that the opponent has got a weak card in his hands.

A typical example is case of Moneymaker vs Farha, when the first one, without having fot a straight or a flush, put all the chips he had at stake. At the same time, Farha, having guessed the opponent’s combination, did not dare to equalize the bet. Finally, Chris Moneymaker won the hand and gained worldwide fame.

Almost all bets are called even with the most disadvantageous hand withing a loose-passive style. It is distinguished by high costs, and often such a style is the basis for other players to win. The player just can’t refuse from fold and continues playing.

Loose-aggressive style is characterized by a wide hands and higher bets range, which often confuses players. It is noted that such style, hands finally turned to be the most saturated and spectacular. Such players tend to play the game at high stakes.


Maniac, rock and phone

Maniac, rock and phone poker style

«Maniac». The name speaks for itself. A distinctive feature of the current type is a high aggression degree, which becomes the defeat cause. Rather often almost every hand is immediately played while playing in a loose style. It is simple to provoke such a poker player to raise the bet and it’s possible to make a profitable bet before him, if the hand allows. Raise and reraise – the business card of «maniac». Besides it’s important to avoid showign your doubts when playing, as this will only be an occasion for an even more active increase in rates.

«Rock» plays mainly strong cards at the start. The current player type gets the maximum benefit at the tables with micro limits, which main composition is amateurs, who still don’t know the way to read well the opponent’s actions. It is most advantageous to fold when the «rock» raises and draws his blind. Due to own caution, the «rock» may discard cards, if making a higher bet.

«Phone». The main feature of such a player is several hands playing at once with a rare bets increase and frequent calling (that’s why the second name of the current type is Calling Station). A loose-passive style is typical for the current type. Usually bluffing can’t cope with such type.

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