Top online sport gaming platforms

Top online sport gaming platforms

The demand for online sport GAMING is gradually rising of recent and a lot of organizers are taking advantage of this, putting together several high-profit tournaments ant contest and allowing players to win millions from their homes.


In just 2016, approximately $5,500,000 was made from online gaming. A wide range of tournaments organizers provide players with an online platform, like; Pinnacle sport, Betfair, Betway, 888sport, 1Xbet and lots more.

Online gaming platforms are gradually rising to the level of your usual physical gaming platforms, as a lot of online platforms now provide services like Easy money transactions, spreads, totals, futures and proposition bets. We put together this article to guide you on the best online gaming platform you should play on.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This was derived from the well-known series of counter-terrorism against terrorists. This platform was first established by Valve Inc. in 2013, from which the pool prize grew to over $1 million in 2019.

It is easier to play on CS: GO because you have a spectating view of the first-person game. CS: GO’s gaming process is almost exactly like the customary gaming platform.


League Of Legends

This is an online multiplayer battle arena where players have a third-person view. Each player creates a champion to play with, and with constant plays and wins their champions competency increases, players also become more proficient in gaming through in-game combats and interactions, also unlock their champion’s special abilities. Every player starts off playing at one rank.

The tournament of the game grown over the years as more players are joining the platform, as in 2017, the prize pool was about $4.5 million and winning team earning over $1,500,000.



Overwatch eSport betting

This gaming platform as established in 2016, it has been of great impact in the advancement of online gaming. Players have a first-person shooter view, the game’s graphics and colors are amazing. Just the competitive CoD system, players have to play and win matches in other to move to a higher level with better rankings. Players can only choose from the available champions with a range of skills.

The professional online game with well-ordered tournaments and contest was invented by Blizzard Entertainment. As of 2018, the gross prize pool was about $3,500,000.


Call Of Duty

This has been one of the most popular first-person shooter multiplayer games. The game was published in 2003, with its first version themed in World War II, and the more recent versions themed in Cold War, Modern Warfare, Space and even Futuristic Worlds.

It is counted among some of the first online multiplayer games, organizing tournaments, and contests since 2007. The World League of CoD started in 2016 and 2017 and 2018 about $4,200,000 was won and $6,000,000 to be won in the 2019 edition.



This is counted among the most well-known online gaming platforms in the world. There are over a hundred champions/avatars to choose from. Players play in groups of 5 players to defend a tower also known as “Ancient” in their designated area, while also trying to bring down the tower of the other teams. DOTA is a little complex but very intriguing game.

Valve Inc. organizes annual international tournaments called DOTA Pro circuits. This tournament was first organized in 2011, and the prize pool (as being contributed by fans) has increased tremendously over the years, the gross pool price in 2019 was over $34 million.

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